Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel Are Wrestling

One of the century's most influential musical groups, Simon & Garfukel, released their debut album, Wednesday Morning, 3 AM, in 1964 for the illustrious Columbia Records.  Why in the world would anyone name their most pivotal album something so seemingly meaningless?  Because of the Secret Media Alphabet Code.  Let me explain.  Because of the inclusion of a numberthe title is a little open ended, but basically stands for W.M.C.A.M., because the 3 changes to C.  That equals 23-13-3-1-13, which precisely follows The Code's "Rule of 3".  Basically, the vast majority of mass media titles have initials of the "3" group (letters whose position in the alphabet contain a multiple of 3) and catalyzers (A and B, for example), which further strengthen that group.

When numbers are present in titles, they can represent either that number itself, and its corresponding letter, or the first letter of that number as it's spelled, which in this case would be T ("three").  Here, however, 3 is in numerical form rather than word, so it is more acutely related to C.

Besides the title track, the album contains "Bleeker Street", which moves to B.S. (2-19), a very common pairing which also follows the "Rule of 3".  That song is followed by the single-word titles "Sparrow" and "Benedictus", which marginalizes the code by also having the initials B and S.  "The Sun Is Burning" is a powerful image moving to T.S.I.B. (20-19-9-2), also following "Rule of 3".  The group's rendition of "The Times They Are a-Changing" also works because T.T.T.A.C. equals 20-20-20-1-3.  Other tracks on the album are traditional and not following the "Rule of 3".  However, we should note "Peggy O" is actually "The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie", included under an alternate title in order to trivialize the importance of individual letters.

This website exists to educate the public about this conspiracy.  If you don't understand, you have to read more.  This is basic math, but requires some wit.  If you aren't willing to read a few thousand words carefully then maybe enlightenment isn't for you!