Miley Cyrus, Illuminati Queen

Keep your mind open, and you can learn a lot.  This website is devoted to explaining the secret letter-number code present in all popular media.  Miley Cyrus' Bangerz, a top-selling album of the past few years, is a good example to look at because it's easy to show how most of its song titles easily follow the code's main "Rule of 3".  As initials, C (letter 3), F (6), I (9), M (13) , P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26) are consistently used with themselves in order to imply a strong bond.  This "3" group is also used in combination with catalyzing letters A (1), B (2), D (4), J (10), K (11) and T (20).  Let's look at every song, and explain the significance of their initials.

"We Can't Stop" should be obvious to readers of this site.  W.C.S. equals 23-3-19, all "3" letters, used with each other in order to prescribe strength.  The title is also a cruel inside joke about the activities of the Illuminati.

"SMS (Bangerz)" is another stupid little joke.  SMS, meaning a text message, moves to 19-13-19, again all "3" numbers.  The "Bangerz" part of the title is not meaningless.  So often, letters are substituted with others to seem cute, but are actually trivializing the existence of the code.  Substituting the S of "bangers" with a Z has an effect which was specifically intended.

"Wrecking Ball" should also be clear.  W.B. equals 23-2.  W (23) is everything to the Illuminati, signifying Winning, War, Want, World.  Used in combination with the primary letter B, it is given eminence.

"My Darlin' ", like the Miami Dolphins, is the 13th letter used in conjunction with the 4th letter, fitting the main rule of the code easily.  M is strengthened due its proximity to the catalyzing 4th letter.

"Do My Thang", also a subversive reference to D.M.T., a drug popular among the singer's fans, fits the code in the same way.  D.M.T. moves to 4-13-20, with the strengthening 20th and 4th letters surrounding the important 13th letter which symbolizes Man.

The other tracks are titled in ways designed to confound the people and complicate the code.  The single word title "Drive" corresponds with "4x4" (D also being the 4th letter). "FU" is yet another cruel joke aimed at the stupidity that the Illuminati perceives in Cyrus' fans.  "#GETITRIGHT", trivializes the code by combining three words, capitalizing every letter, and putting a hash tag in front.

"Adore You", "Something Else", and "Maybe You're Right" are interesting examples because they don't follow the code's "Rule of 3", but do make sense considering that Cyrus' fans are mainly girls and women.  E, Y and V are feminine, softer opposites to the masculine, harder letters such as F, W and S.  Thus, using A in conjunction with Y ("Adore You"), or S in conjunction with E ("Something Else") makes sense for a female-marketed singer.  "Maybe You're Right" works the same way.  The feminine letter Y has the masculine letter M to the left and the Royal 18th letter R to the right.

"Love Money Party" may seem confusing at first, but consider the rules outlined, and will it makes more sense.  L.M.P. (12-13-16) is the combination of L.M. (12-13) and M.P. (13-16).  The M.P. pairing follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters.  The L.M. pairing follows the Code because in practice it prefers ascending alphabet, rather than descending.  For example F.G. (6-7) and R.S. (18-19) are extremely common, whereas G.F. (7-6) and S.R. (19-18) are rare.  So, together the pairs L.M. and M.P. each follow the parameters of the code.

Hopefully you are now seeing that innocent seeming phrases have much greater significance than just the meaning of their words.  Additionally, the album has 13 songs, which is very significant because M is the 13th letter.  The Illuminati love tricking the people.  They think you're not smart enough to comprehend the Intangible Poetic Beauty of the Code.  They've used the Code for the past century as the main way of Brain Washing the people into a soft putty, which they mold to suit their needs.  However, the patterns contained within the cipher are not just abstractions, they are the timeless truths of the Universe.  The Illuminati know and understand these truths, and are teaching them to you while they use them to control you.