Nikola Tesla May Have Invented Coding

Redundant is it to say that very much has changed since the life of Nikola Tesla, because without his contributions a large amount of the change we have witnessed might never have occurred.  The idea here called Dreamtime Code is undoubtably something which Tesla would have studied because of its enigmatic use of mathematics.  He once said: "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”  The basic principal of the code is the "Rule of 3".  In the global mass media, letters which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet, C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23) and Z (26), are consistently overused as the initials of titles.  This "3" group is used in combination with itself, as well as catalyzing letters A (1), B (2), D (4), J (10), K (11) and T (20) in order to prescribe strength.  Every single title of the past century was written according to this code at the hands of the group known as the Illuminati, who control all media.  A large percentage of all media titles follow the "Rule of 3" simply, however the code is an expandable mathematical concept and uses the concept of ratios (dividing) accordingly.

As a catalyst  A (1) is often paired with "3" letters.  A.F. (1-6) is often used as the title of bands, songs, movies and shows to imply strength intrinsic to F by pairing it with the alphabet's primary letter.  Here are a few prevalent examples: Arcade Fire (band), Almost Famous (film), Already Free (album), After Forever (band), Amazing Fantasy (book).  B.L. (2-12) is the next ratio equal to A.F. (1-6), so it is also extremely common in the mass media.  Barry Lyndon (film), The Bucket List (film), The Blue Lagoon (film), A Bug's Life (film), Boston Legal (show), Big Love (show), The Biggest Loser (show), Bright Lights (many titles), Big Lots (store), Bud LightBuzz Lightyear.  C.R. (3-18) is the next equal ratio and is equally common: Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds, Chicken Run (film), Couples Retreat (film), Casino Royale (film), Cool Runnings (film), Cannonball Run (film), Crown Royale (liquor).  D.X. (4-24) is the last possibilty, which as you can imagine is hard to use in initialized form, however is often used to abbreviate "deluxe".

When letters are switched, the affect is similar but not a duplication.  F.A. (6-1), L.B. (12-2), R.C. (18-3) and X.D. (24-4) cannot represent the same ideas as their reversals, but they also cannot represent the opposite.  These pairs have commonalities, but evoke different feelings.  Final Approach, for example, represents something different than Almost Famous.  These pairs are also common, however notably lesser so than those with the earlier letter first.  "Lonely Boy" (famous song), R.C. Cola and Disney XD use this form.

By the time Tesla died in 1943, the mass media alphabet code was fully operational throughout the world.  Ironically, there are seemingly three scenarios regarding Tesla's understanding of the code.  He could have been member of that secret organization who were told about the code.  Many have speculated upon Tesla's possible relationship with "the unseen hand", however the decrepitude of his later years and lack of recognition both during and after life suggest that he was not supported by any outside forces.  It is also possible that he did not notice the code because his lack of attention to the media protected him.  Tesla was an voracious worker, pleasant dinner party guest and superb conversationalist, however most likely not a person who occupied much of his time with the entertainment industry.  Thirdly, it is also possible that as a genius and mathematician, he may have noticed and understood the peculiar use of letters and numbers in the media which he ingested upon moving to America.  Perhaps for him it was a very easy riddle to solve.  A fourth possibility also exists, that Tesla, born in 1856, was in fact the original inventor of the code, which didn't propagate throughout the world until into the 20th century.  It is an incredible mystery, almost unfathomable, unbelievable, and absurd that not a single frame of video or audio exists of this phantom, the man largely responsible for the creation of television and radio.  Perhaps it was his design that one day we see his person in motion for the first time, while delivering a kind of message.