Reality Is a Videogame Simulation

Videogames have always been man's best effort to exhibit real life visually.  The first video games were called side-scrollers, overhead or side views which provided a two-dimensional reality.  While a rough sketch, it was affective.  This style remained a standard format for decades, and is still used today.  Games advertised as three-dimensional arose later, and provided users with lifelike environments, seemingly no different from our own.  Recently, however, immersive virtual reality contraptions have shown us that we were actually wrong, our expectations were too low, and life can be estimated visually in an even more accurate way.  To achieve this feat, we needed to move our attention from a flat screen to a curved lens.  In changing this perspective, we obtained the ability to experience visually another dimension, beyond what we thought already represented reality succinctly.  After such gains during the earliest period of computerized technology, the discovery of a further step seems inevitable.  Somehow, we will gain another dimension, and our ability to fake reality will jump a level.

Most avid videogame players know that if you play a game for a long time, you'll probably have some dreams that night which involve the game you had been playing earlier.  Decades ago, those dreams includes crude lines, pixels, dots and shapes, scored by beeps.  Later, they became colorful, bright, and vibrant, accompanied by synthesized, futuristic sounding music.  Most recently, they have been cartoonish approximations of reality, seamless, not a clue to tarnish verisimilitude.  Now and into the future, our videogame dreams will be truly three-dimensional, a totally enhanced scape compared to that which is affected by a flat screen.  As a matter of course, our shared reality is affected by the dreams each of us has.  The evolution of videogames into convincing virtual reality represents a fundamental alteration to how each of us perceives our world.  The development of an additional dimension to our dreams will add a imperceivable dimension to our waking lives.

As we move throughout our lives, filling our minds with learning, our eyes see in expanded dimensions.  Thoughts and emotions impart upon us a larger world view, altering the way which we interpret the size and scope of reality.  The world of the individual possessing an unstimulated, uncultivated mind is narrow and close, its dimensions flattened.  Like constructing a box, knowledge, truth and wisdom open our perception to a universe of an even grander scale.  In a fantasy, the dimensions of our perception encompass all of existence, so that we see the world exactly as it is, or how we think it is.  Reality is the enemy.  It reminds us that our universal perception is constrained to less than total.  The bigot, for example, will not accept reality, dimensions of perception outside of his own, because he lives in his own fantasy, in which his world perception is complete.  As the dimensions of our perception decrease in size, the amount of understanding required to propel oneself into a fantasy remains small.  Blissfully ignorant individuals avoid learning because it expands their world view, mitigating their fantasy and destroying their dream world.  The larger one's dimensions of perception, the less one is impressed by fantastical games.  Some try to avoid that route, electing to remain easily awed by the silliest displays.  Even something as simple as a videogame can satisfy a person's thirst for stimulation, sending their life from reality into fantasy.

When dimensional expansion occurs, it compares to the shape of Earth transforming from a perfect sphere to a elongated ellipsoid.  Understanding the predominance of the "Rule of 3" may guide you on a path of awareness, opening your mind's perspective to a larger world.  This code has been secretly utilized in the entertainment industries for decades.  Because no one's been aware of it, it has effectively lowered the population's dimensions of perception, thereby limiting the amount of knowledge they require to achieve a dream-life existence.  A simple letter-number cipher, it revolves around the preponderance of "3" letters, those which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.  This group is paired with Catalyst group, with includes A (1), B (2), J, (10), K (11) and T (20).  A large portion of the century's favorite videogames were titled specifically to fit this form: 

Black And White - B.A.W. = 2-1-23
Castle Wolfenstein - C.W. = 2-23
Chrono Cross - C.C. = 3-3
Counter Strike - C.S. = 13-19
F-Zero - F.Z. = 6-26
Far Cry  - F.C. = 6-3
Final Fantasy - F.F. = 6-6
Front Mission - F.M. = 6-13
Infinite Space - I.S. = 9-19
Mario Party - M.P. = 13-16
Max Payne - M.P. = 13-16
Metroid Prime - M.P. = 13-16
Metroid Fusion - M.F. = 13-6
Mine Craft - M.C. = 13-3
Monkey Island - M.I. = 13-9
Mortal Kombat - M.K. = 13-11
Pac Man - P.M. = 16-13
Pajama Sam - P.S. = 16-19
Paper Mario - P.M. -16-13
Pokemon Snap - P.S. = 16-19
Pokemon Stadium - P.S. = 16-19
Pokemon Sun And Moon - P.S.A.M. = 16-19-1-13
Sim City - S.C. = 19-3
Sin And Punishment - S.A.P. = 19-1-16
Snowboard Kids - S.K. = 19-11
Soul Caliber - S.C. = 19-3
Space Invaders - S.I. = 19-9
Star Fox - S.F. = 19-6
Street Fighter - S.F. = 19-6
Super Mario Kart  - S.M.K. = 19-13-11
Super Mario Bros. - S.M.K. = 19-13-2
Super Mario World - S.M.W. = 19-13-23
Super Metroid - S.M. = 19-13
Super Smash Bros. - S.S.B. = 19-19-2
Super Smash Bros. Melee - S.S.B.M. = 19-19-2-13
Syphon Filter - S.F. = 19-6
Twisted Metal - T.W. = 20-23
Wii Sports - W.S. = 23-19
Wing Commander - W.C. = 23-3
Words With Friends - W.W.F. = 23-23-6

This code, like universal knowledge, is endlessly scalable, developing from a simple mathematical principal.  The writers of this code see it as a beautiful representation of galactic existence, a metaphor for life and living.  All arithmetical interactions hint at a larger cosmic relationship, like the dichotomy between the symbolism of the various colors or shapes.  Every letter and its corresponding number has an innate, undefinable yet established personality, which the code wields handily like its weapon of choice.  Everywhere you go, the code is there: Books, magazines, films, televisionslogansstoresproducts.  The realization of its existence can be like turning on your mind for the first time.