Kabbalah and Gematria Wisdom for Everyday

Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572) is the founder of modern Kabbalah, which is most simply defined as the mystic tradition of Judaism, ecstatic prayer.  The chief text of this esoteric practice, the Zohar, first mysteriously appeared in 13th century Spain.  According to legend, Luria's father was visited by the prophet Ejilah, who told him that his son would build upon the understanding of the Torah and Kabbalah.  After a period of intense meditation and worship, Luria moved from Cairo, Egypt, to Safed, Israel, a center for Kabbalah studies.  There, despite not writing any of his teachings, he established a pedagogical legacy which is still perennially reaped.

Numerology is a central concept to Kabbalah studies.  The 10 Sefirah of the Sefirot, pictured above, represent an intangible idea, the 10 manifestations of the Creator, which one may somehow also occupy during one's sojourn into this realm.  There are 22 paths which one may take in their journey from the first, Malkuth, to the highest, Keter.  It is not coincidental that 22 is also the number of Hebrew letters.  Every letter of the Zohar is meant to possess an individual character which indicates a greater esoteric mystery.  In Hebrew, numbers are indicated by letters, so numerical analysis is natural.  Gematria, etymologically related to "Geometry", refers to the numerological study of holy texts.

Consider the Universe as existing amongst an infinite amount of individual struggles.  The struggle between East and West,  between Left and Right, between Yin and Yang, between 1 and 2, and between 9 and 11, between Red and Green, they are all dualities.  Kabbalah is the culmination of centuries of arbitration to accurately present Universal existence as the relationship between not just two, but ten forces, each of the Sefirah.  One might consider the numbers 6 and 7 like two of the Sefirah upon the Tree of Life.  Each are individually distinct entities.  6 is a multiple of 3, and part of the so-called "Number of the Beast", while 7 is a number revered as holy by the powerful fraternal organization the Freemasons.  If 7 is related to Godly ideas, then 6 must be related to Earthly ones.

As with the Hebrew language, the letters which make up English words can be representative of the word itself.  For example, S.I.X. (19-9-24) is notably one letter different from S.E.X. (19-5-24).  S (19) and I (9) are part of the left-sided "3" group of letters because their position in the alphabet contains a multiple of 3.  X (24) acts as a catalyzer because it basically symbolizes ideas related to the infinite and permanent.  Conversely,  S.E.V.E.N. is S (19), then letters from the right-sided group: E (5), N (14) and V (22).  So, 6 is left-sided and 7 is right-sided, even in the way each is spelled.  The identities of 6 and 7 correspond precisely with their respective letters, which are F and G.  English can then be studied Kabbalisticaly in the same way that the Zohar is.  The application of 
Kabbalistic numerology across the entertainment industry is intended to endow English with the same numerological holiness present in the Hebrew language.  According to what is presented, F (6) most often precedes G (7) in the Universe:

Family Guy
Flash Gordon
Forest Gump (film)
Finding Giants (film)
Finding Graceland (film)
Fast Girls (Janet Jackson single and a 2011 film)
Fast Getaway (film)
Fading Gigolo (film)
Fried Green Tomatoes (film)
Final Girl (2015 film)
Father Goose (film)
Fire Garden (Steve Vai album)
Funny Girl
"Feelin' Good" (song: "It's a new dawn/It's a new day")
"Famous Groupies" (Wings song)
"Final Goodbye" (Rihanna song)
Flamin' Groovies (band)
Former Ghosts (band)
Five Guys (restaurant chain, with secondary layer of numerology)
Fair Game (many titles)
Fall Guy (many titles)

16th-century Rabbi Abraham Azulai wrote the following: "From the year 1540 and onward the basic levels of Kabbalah must be taught publicly to everyone young and old.  Only through Kabbalah will we forever eliminate war, destruction and man's inhumanity to his fellow man."  The Numerological Code applied in the mass media is a covert operation designed to subversively introduce and indoctrinate the entire planet to the truths of Kabbalah.  When a sufficient portion of the population has harnessed the power it contains, world peace will be an inevitable conclusion.

The secret code used across the entire worldwide mass media was invented decades ago in order to indoctrinate all of humanity into the basic levels of Kabbalah subliminally, without their recognition.  Learning how the code is organized from this source will teach you what you've been missing.  The internet is the tool which will empower the people to learn this information for the first time in history.  See the Site Map.