We're Not Ready For Full Disclosure

The day of "full disclosure" has been anticipated by countless individuals across the world, of many different types.  Those who believe that there is proof of Alien life wait for this day.  Those who believe that there is proof that God exists wait for this day.  Those who believe that a secret society governs us without our consent wait for this day.  Those who believe that there is proof that the Earth is flat wait for this day.  Those who believe that there is proof that ghosts exists wait for this day.  And many wait for this day subconsciously, not knowing for what they wait, feeling in themselves only a tinge of anxiety and excitement.  On this day, the rulers of the world, its real rulers, not just its presidents, prime ministers and secretaries, will step forward from the dark and shine a light on themselves officially for the first time.  That day will signify a confession, an admission of guilt, a willingness to accept punishment righteously levied upon them by the people whom they have been unfairly lording over for the entirety of history.  This day, many say, is inevitable, as the power of the people grows exponentially, the alleged Illuminati will have no further recourse than taking the blame, yet basking in what they will also perceive as credit.

As that day has not yet come, it can be assumed that the people holding the power to profess the full extent of their knowledge, whatever that may be, have not decided that we, the people, have earned the right to it.  If people truly deserve what they get, than according to the Illuminati, still at this point what we deserve is falsehood, deception, lies, systematic oppression, injustice, tyranny, despotism, and totalitarianism government under the guise of democracy.  Following full disclosure, one hopes that we, the waiting and wanting people, will receive nothing but the truth, as well as an actually peaceful, logical, rational and fair society.  It is surprising that, if the day of full disclosure does indeed someday come, that we can transform the bounty of our gifts from decrepit to ecstatic, in the matter of an instant.  As the sun rises we will be brutes and heathens, and as its sets we will be emancipated, vindicated.  What we need to do to earn this is unknown.

The Illuminati consider themselves so altruistic that they believe they never tell lies.  Upon the day of full disclosure, the Illuminati will deny every lying to us, telling us instead that we each individually developed our own conceptions of truth.  They omitted many truths from their presentation of reality, they will admit, however they never directly lied to us.  These scoundrels, however, are not just prevaricators, but thieves, committing not just the lie of omission, but the ultimate thievery, robbing humanity of the greatest gifts one can give, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and awareness.  Truth is not relative.  That we each have our own conceptions of the one truth does not affect it in the least.  In our selfishly human ways, each of us assert that perspective affects existence, unable to accept that reality will endure unchanged regardless of how our minuscule selves interpret it.  The only real law is that the truth is total and universal.  The only truth is the complete truth.  To withhold information from others is yet another human malady built from greed.

Since the inception of the so-called entertainment industry, the Illuminati have been using a secret letter-number code, across the entire mass media, to subliminally program and control the people.  The entirety of the Illuminati power structure is indoctrinated into this information, and sworn to secrecy.  Because no one is able to confront them about it, they can tell themselves that they are still truthful people, and not liars.  Keeping an entire tome of esoteric knowledge separate from the masses allows the Illuminati to control us and affect how we think.

The alphabet can be divided into 3 distinct groups of letters: "3" letters, Right-sided letters, and Catalyzing letters.  "3" letters contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet: C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26).  The majority of mass media titles follow something called the "Rule of 3", by using only "3" letters or Catalysts, which are A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11) and T (20), the letters  whose order in the alphabet contains a 1 or 2.  The remaining letters, E (5), G (7), H (8), L (12), N (14), O (15), Q (17), R (18), U (21), V (22), X (24), and Y (25), are used much less frequently and not in combination with Catalysts.  The objective of this code is to subliminally strengthen public opinion of the ideas which "3" letters represent, while trivializing, marginalizing, and chastising the ideas which Right-sided letters symbolize.

The clash between "3" letters and Right-sided letters is representative of the timeless battle between Modernism and Conservatism, Hedonism and Chastity, Earth and Heaven, Comedy and Drama, Body and Soul, respectively.  The most popular pieces of media follow the "Rule of 3" because the ideas which these numbers and corresponding letters represent appeal to the most amount of the population.  Everyone can empathize with the physical world, however the celestial side is felt by a smaller contingent.  The majority of prominent director Rob Reiner's films utilize the "Rule of 3" because they were produced with that modern Hollywood style which reflects the ideologies of the "3" group of letters.  Later in his career, as his films became less broadly appealing, his film's titles utilized the Right-sided group of letter more.  The Illuminati control all media released widely, so they can use this code in basically everything.  The films of Rob Reiner exhibit well how the Alphabet Conspiracy works.

This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
T.I.S.T. equals 20-9-19-20, following the "Rule of 3".  I (9) and S (19) are "3" letters which are surrounded by the catalyst T (20).

The Sure Thing (1985)
T.S.T. (20-19-20) is almost the same, following the "Rule of 3".  S (19) is a "3" letter strengthened by the catalyst T (20).

Stand By Me (1986)
S.B.M. equals 19-2-13, following the "Rule of 3".  S (19) and M (13) are "3" letters strengthened by the catalyzing letter B (2).

The Princess Bride (1987)
Again follows the "Rule of 3".  T.P.B. (20-16-2) combines the "3" letter P (16) with catalysts T (20) and B (2).

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
W.H.M.S. equals (23-8-13-19).  W (23), M (13) and S (19) are all "3" letters.  While H (8) is not a "3" letter nor a catalyst, it is often used in combination with "3" letters in order to imply a correlative relationship.  Can't Hardly Wait and Hangin' With Mr. Cooper are similar examples.  H symbolizes ideas related to Happy, Hope, and Heaven, so combining it with the "3" group makes sense.  What's important is that G (7) is not combined with the "3" group as often.

Misery (1990)
In order to affirm their dominance, "3" letters most commonly begin single-word titles.  Notably, the first three letters of this title are all "3" letters: M.I.S. (13-9-19).  The code can also be applied within single words.

A Few Good Men (1992)
This film features the famous line "You can't handle the truth!", an inside reference to the epoch of deception and sabotage.  Looking at each initial pair individually, A.F. (1-6) is common because it strengthens F (6).  The eminent pairing F.G. (6-7) imbues F (6) power because it is placed in front the adjacent letter G (7).  G.M. (7-13) is another important combination reflecting a vital clash of ideologies.

As a serious film designed to attract attention to the armed forces, these initials reflect the themes of the film.  The initials of titles simultaneously represent the themes of the piece and market itself to the appropriate prospective audience.  The Government-Media use the code to direct the public depending on which initials appeal to one's subconscious mind.

North (1994)
This is an interesting example because N (14), O (15), R (18) and H (8) are all part of the Right-sided group which opposes the "3" group.  T (20) acts a catalyst.  The themes of this film reflect the symbolism of this group accordingly.  While the "3" group is leftist, progressive, sinister, corporeal and hedonistic, the Right-sided letters are celestial, transcendent, immaterial.

The American President (1995)
T.A.P. follows the "Rule of 3" as (20-1-16).  P (16) is a "3" letter strengthened by catalysts T (20) and A (1).

Ghosts of Mississippi (1996)
This title is also a comment on the relationship between G (7) and M (13).  In reading the code, the word "of" is not interpreted as O (15), but instead acts as a buffer between the initials which it intersects.  In this case, the statement made is that G (7) is of M (13), part of it.  The film has this title because it was designed to assert this poetically.

The Story of Us (1999)
A director's films can't all be easy uses of the "Rule of 3" or it might become too obvious.  The statement being made by this film is that T.S. (20-19) is of U (21).  T strengthens S, a letter symbolizing ideas related to Sex, Super and Saint.  The letter U has an enigmatic identity, but is apparently related to ideas like Union, Universe, and Unity.  Alternatively, this title could be read as "the story of [U]", or even "the story of [U.S.]".

Alex & Emma (2003)
The use of an ampersand [&] here further strengthens the idea that this film is meant to reflect the relationship between the ideologies of A (1) and E (5).  This film might as well be titled "the story of [A] and [E]".

Rumor Has It (2005)
R (8) and H (18) are commonly combined because they have same units digit, creating consonance and agreement (Houston Rockets).  The H.I. (8-9) pairing is also consonant because the code prefers to ascend, rather than descend between adjacent letters.  Home Improvement uses the same initials, for example.

The Bucket List (2007)
B.L. (2-12) is very common because the ratio between B (2) and L (12) is 6.  When possible, a letter can "divide" into another with which it is combined.

Flipped (2010)
This title again significantly begins with "3" letter F (6), rather than a Right-sided or catalyzing letter.

The Magic of Belle Isle (2012)
The word "of" again acts as a buffer between that which it intersects, which here is T.M. (20-13) and B.I. (2-9).  This film consequently is meant to reflect the relationship between these competing ideas.  These four letters also follow the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters (M, I) and catalysts (T, B).  

And So It Goes (2014)
A more mainstream blockbuster might have a title with initials A.S.I.F (1-19-9-6), following the "Rule of 3", rather than this which combines "3" letters S (19) and I (9) with the catalyst A (1) and Right-sided G (7).  However, as a romantic comedy marketed at an older crowd, these initials are meant to appeal to the target audience.  

Being Charlie (2015)
The code is being used much more brazenly recently.  B.C. (2-3) may seem simple enough, however significantly creates the ratio .666 by dividing.

LBJ (2016)
Titles containing initials are an insulting affront to the intelligence of the public.  L.B. (12-2) is the same bond as Reiner's previous Bucket List, which strengthens F (6) through ratio.  Combining that pairing with the catalyst J (10) strengthens it.  American presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Linden Baines Johnson are known by their initials because they flow off the tongue and exhibit how personality is captured in initials.

Reiner is also well known for his work on the comedy show All In The Family.  Hopefully by now you recognize that this title follows the "Rule of 3" simply.  A.I.T.F. equals 1-9-20-6.  The "3" letters I (9) and F (6) are strengthened by catalysts A (1) and T (20).

This all may seem a bit weird, but stay with me.  Tell someone you know and trust, tell someone you've just met, tell your parents, tell your children, tell all you can about it, an idea which at once seems completely insane, completely ridiculous, yet at the same time perfectly reasonable, logical, simple, like the terrible revelation of missing something that's always been right in front of you.  You're part of something bigger.