The God of Language and Mathematics

It may seem paradoxical that even recently, during our comparatively secular contemporary age, focused on humanism, science and technology, many have attempted to prove that God exists.  However, none of these ideas seem incongruent with the idea that God exists.  Mankind has learned to use the wisdom contained within these various subjects first to improve the civilization in which he lives, next to admire the greatness of some living God.  The great tragedy of the centuries previous to ours is that humanity first admired God before improving their own lot.  The successes humanity has achieved during the current aeon were not the result of the murder of God.  Although a loud contingent of atheists like to take credit for ushering in our current age of reason, it was not the aggressive rejection of God which allowed humanity to turn its attention to more immediately important manners, but the passive acceptance of God.  The Church no longer had the authority to enforce the doctrine of God’s existence upon the people, whom didn’t require it any further.  Believers willingly anointed it upon themselves, while atheists and agnostics were free do as they wished without fear of chastisement.  Humanistic and scientific ideas could exist both alongside and separate from the religious.  Science and academia were not clandestine studies done only to supplement religiosity.  They were complementary and accentuated one another.

Assuming that it was not specifically God who gifted the world with the truth of these ideas, it was still often the idea of God which lifted up the hearts of the men and women who contributed to expanding the knowledge and understanding of our world and universe.  The chemist in the lab still went to church every Sunday.  The civil rights activist still asked God for strength.  The psychologist still admired God’s design of the mind.  The philosopher still contemplated the question of God.  All of these people made no mention of God in their work or publications.  Yet, it was still the idea of working to do good in the eyes their God which motivated them.  Of course, many of recent history’s greatest luminaries have also been stalwart atheists.  The number and percentage of atheists worldwide may be greater than its ever been in history, however it is still small compared to the number of percentage of people who believe in some kind of unseen spiritual power.  Atheism did not spawn the prosperity of recent decades.  It was the egalitarian principal which allows people to freely express their beliefs which did so.  In the daily work done for the benefit of oneself and those around, God was left out completely.  Rightfully so, because those who do not believe still want to participate in society and improve it.

The question of God’s existence is entirely dependent how “God” is defined.  Often, God is depicted as the Grand Master of the Universe, seeing all, knowing all, controlling all.  Perhaps he (it) is all of these things, however it is also possible that God is none of these things, or is these things only to a limited extent.  Perhaps it sees only some, knows only a fair amount and controls just that which is within its domain.  The philosophers and mathematicians whom attempt to prove or disprove the existence of God are misguided in that they search for a force in the universe whose magnitude of greatness is beyond comparison.  There is no stipulation that God must fit this criteria.  Instead, God could be the smallest of things. To find proof of God has been the quest of many, however defining God as the largest and most powerful entity in the universe explicitly suggests that he must dwell in the universe.  Instead, God may be an energy of unknown size and power, existing outside of the universe.  To prove its existence one may only have to discover a single particle, or anti-particle of matter, or anti-matter, which exists our known plane of living.  God is not a man, and even if it did at one or several times embody itself within a human or living creature, it still existed simultaneously around that being.  To prove the existence of God, one can merely alter its definition.  To alter the definition established concretely by the dogma of the church was once the worst type of heresy, however recently embraced wisdom teaches us that we are allowed to do so.  In this case, one may consider God not a person or entity, but a substance, floating around invisibly, though still lording and connecting all beings and objects.  Perhaps there are humans who have achieved some characteristics of a God or Lord, including omniscience or omnipresence.  However, no human could ever compare themselves to the grander God, the unseen energy which exists outside of understanding.

There have attempts to prove through the use of advanced mathematics, obtuse to the average person, that the theorized creation of the universe could not have occurred without external influence.  Philosophers have also used logic, expressed in writing, to argue that in order for the universe to exist, God must have existed prior.  Even art has been used to persuade humans of God’s existence.  There are countless artworks which attempt to represent visually God’s majesty and persuade their viewers of it.  It is important to distinguish that mathematics, writing and art, man’s greatest endowments, were discovered, rather than invented.  Humans discovered language, then later invented specific languages.  They discovered mathematics, then later invented methods of communicating numbers.  They discovered art, then later invented various art mediums.  All that humans fashioned were modes of representing these ideas visually.  That other creatures living on the planet have even been shown to have created animalistic versions themselves proves that even if humans never existed, mathematics, writing and art would still exist.  Many studies have suggested that animals have their own forms of these ideas.  They are able to count, able to communicate and express themselves emotionally, the only necessary tenet of art creation.  These ideas did not require the contribution of humanity in order to exist.

Even if Earth was totally barren, empty of a single living cell, mathematics, writing and art would still exist as ideas.  Furthermore, even if the universe contained no life within it, these ideas would still exist.  To go even further, even if the universe was never created, by God, a big bang, or whomever, these ideas would still exist.  A reasonable definition of God is that which exists outside of the universe and before the creation of the universe.  If there is no universe, than nothing exists except what we call God.  If these ideas also exist, than through the transitive property of mathematics, we can state that God and these ideas are the same thing.  Not just mathematics, writing and art, but any and all ideas: Charity, Respect, Honor, Hope.  These ideas exist outside the plane of existence and would exist even if the universe did not, which is an acceptable characterization of God.  No idea is invented, it is discovered already existing in the realm outside of the universe, where God dwells.  Therefore, when we contemplate new ideas, we are searching for God.  When we attempt to enliven our minds, we are worshipping God.  Behold your God, it’s thought.  Even if in the distant future our understanding of the universe become nearly total and complete, ideas will still exist outside of the universe, the same place where God lives.  To say there is no God is like saying there is no Math.

The idea of symbolism is an integral component to most, if not all religions.  In the reading of a religion’s holy books, objects, places and people are first read literally, then interpreted ironically.  A story professes a certain amount of usable knowledge when analyzed superficially, however the beauty of these stories is in their depth, the wisdom which they can relay when analyzed with a more calculating eye.  Many if not most scholars have abandoned the idea that any of the manifold holy texts passed down from ancient history should be read as instructional histories.  The Bible, Torah and Koran do not exist to teach about events or provide biographies, but to provide framing devices for contemplation.  The story of Job, for example, is not included in the Torah in order for more people to know about Job.  He may have been an actual historical person.  Regardless, his story is included because it is an opportunity for learning.  He is not a man whom showed courage in times of adversity, he is a symbol for showing courage in times of adversity.  Each of the characters in the holy books can be expressed this way, as archetypes of personalities each contributing to the grand universal self.

Jesus Christ is a figure whose mythological selflessness should surely be emulated by all, whether he existed or not, as man or prophet.  However, it is merely that such a being could exist which can cause an even greater amount of awe.  To suggest that God could come down to Earth and embody a person is an idea which cannot be truly fathomed by any.  Therefore, to those whom his story is told, the mind is activated.  Indeed, one not necessarily even need to believe the story, for in order to reject the veracity of a story one must first assess its plausibility.  To many millions of true believers, Jesus is the son of God with whom they share a deeply personal relationship.  To every person who has heard his story, including both believers and atheists, he is the character who in his story is the embodiment of God in human form.  

Many of us rightfully condemn the missionaries who were so quick to kill or dismember those of the conquered tribes whom rejected the story of Jesus Christ.  However, in our modern sensibility we are surely unable to understand the mindset of these proselytizers of centuries ago.  To them, rejecting Jesus Christ may have been tantamount to rejecting the existence of Math, deflecting the usefulness of language, or the validity of artistic expression.  Reaction to the story of Jesus was an unnatural evolutionary test instated by man.  The heathen doesn’t believe the story of the Creator embodied in a man because he has no reason to.  He is impaled.  The heathen is not impressed by the idea that the Creator was embodied in a man because he has no capacity for contemplation.  He is beheaded.

The modern English language poses the question of whether we “believe in” God, or not.  How this differs from one who “believes of” God, or “believes out” God is not clear, nor is the etymology of this grammatically illiterate phrase.  What’s even more puzzling is that colloquially, the phrase “believe in” means to have faith that someone or something is capable or worthy of fulfilling a task or job.  A person who says they “believe in” their boss means that they are certain or optimistic that their boss is competent.  They are not saying that they believe their boss exists, which is what the phrase means when used in reference to God.  Without knowing it, according to the more popularly accepted definition of the phrase, a person who says they don’t “believe in” God is really saying their don’t think God is doing an adequate job at his position.

“Playing semantics” like these may seem pedantic, inconsequential or unimportant, but one should never underestimate the way which language shapes the way which we think and interact with reality.  Specific languages evolve as a result of the ways which the brains of those who birthed them operate.  The development of a language, therefore, should exactly match the development of the brains of the society in which it is used.  Centuries ago, educated Englishmen spoke without slang, literally, correctly and eruditely.  If we are to judge ourselves based on how English has changed over this time, our minds must be on the brink of insanity.  Much of our daily vocabulary consists of invented brand names, words without definition, onomatopoeias, “buzzwords” (itself a buzzword), acronyms and guttural utterances.  It is too depressing to believe that we have really devolved so much to automatically match the sophistication of our brains.  These changes were not our own, but instilled upon us, without our consent or input by the society in which we live, lorded over by the television.

Language is how humans express their thoughts to each other.  Through spoken and written words, we fill the sky with ideas, invisible but nonetheless there, each a different color, shape and texture, sounding a ring perennially dynamic.  Each letter is a symbol of a power far greater than the vowel or consonant which it represents.  The cross of Jesus is a shape too, so is the Jewish Star of David, the Muslim Star and Crescent, the Freemason Square and Compass and the Communist Hammer and Sickle.  Magicians use devices called sigils, really just shapes of any kind, to seal the intent of their casts.  A creation of geometry can possess a special place in a human’s heart and soul.  The cross represents Jesus to us, but perhaps mystically it represents something completely different.  Ideas are what we worship, not Gods or heroes.  To truly worship God is the most impossible of all tasks.  So, instead we create symbols, visual or literal, to approximate that which we wish to worship.  Towards these symbols we extend our emotional energy, contributing to the expansion of the unseen in unknowable ways.  On Earth, these energies fester, bouncing from one idolatrous image to the next, sometimes embedding in a living thing, releasing out of one, or grounding into the soil.  Constantly working with and against all these forces is the single most powerful source of energy in our universe, the Sun.  Not a symbol or an idea, it may be the only real thing.  It can be felt, seen, feared, missed.  To truly worship God is to send one’s energy through the firmament of Earth, past all the clashing plasm moving so chaotically around Earth, straight towards and into the Sun.

Popular Music's Secret Hypnotizing Code

There have been many allegations made that popular music has an ulterior motive.  Conspiracists have asserted that it is meant to steer the youth and general public towards things like promiscuity, violence, anger or stupidity.  This is supposedly achieved through several means.  Backmasking, for instance, is the technique of inserting messages in music played backwards. This has been an urban legend for decades.  There also seems to be a concerted effort to make prevalent Satanic, Occult and Illuminati imagery.  Some think that popular music subversively promotes Devil worship.  It is possible that all of these theories are true. Many of them already have examples which give them credence.  Another tactic used to subdue the masses is the Mass Media Letter Code, in which letters translate to numbers according to their place in the alphabet.  Using this code, the Illuminati are able to subconsciously transmit numbers which work to further incapacitate the minds of the world audience.

The most important aspect of the code is "Rule of 3".  Across all media, including film, television, music and print, letters which contain a multiple of 3 are vastly overused as initials. That means that most titles use the letter C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26) to begin each word.  This "3" group is also combined with the "catalyst" group: A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11) and T (20).  This method trains the public to behave in a certain way.  The "3" letters represent worldly, liberal, progressive, hedonistic ideas, towards which the purveyors of the code wish the public to tend.  Popular music has been accused of supporting these ideas.  All of the following songs, some of the most popular or well known ever, follow the code's "Rule of 3":

All Along The Watch Tower - A.A.T.W. = 1-1-20-23
All By Myself - A.B.M. - 1-2-13
Are We All We Are - A.W.A.W.A. = 1-23-1-23-1
Bitter Sweet Symphony - B.S.S. = 2-19-19
Blank Space - B.S. = 2-19
Blister In The Sun - B.I.T.S. = 2-9-20-19
Born This Way - B.T.W. = 2-20-23
Born To Be Wild - B.T.B.W. = 2-20-2-23
Bullet With Butterfly Wings - B.W.B.W. = 2-23-2-23
Call Me - C.M. = 3-13
Call Me Maybe - C.M.M. = 3-13-13
Can't Feel My Face - C.F.M.F. = 3-6-13-6
Careless Whisper - C.W. = 3-23
Cat Scratch Fever - C.S.F. = 3-19-6
Cat’s In The Cradle - C.I.T.C. = 3-9-20-3
Champagne Supernova - C.S. = 3-19
Cheeseburger In Paradise - C.I.P. = 3-9-16
Closing Time - C.T. = 3-20
Come Sail Away - C.S.A. = 3-19-1
Cowboy Song - C.S. = 3-19
Crosstown Traffic - C.T. = 3-20
Fake Plastic Trees - F.P.T. = 6-16-20
Family Affair - F.A. = 6-1
Feelin’ Alright - F.A. = 6-1
Free Bird - F.B. = 6-2
I Believe I Can Fly - I.B.I.C.F. = 9-2-9-3-6
I Can See For Miles - I.C.S.F.M. = 9-3-19-6-13
I Feel Pretty - I.F.P. = 9-6-16
I Want It That Way - I.W.I.T.W. = 9-23-9-20-23
I Will Survive - I.W.S. = 9-23-19
I’ll Be There - I.B.T. = 9-2-20
I’m Too Sexy - 9-20-19
Ice Ice Baby - 9-9-2
Independent Woman - I.W. = 9-23
Iron Man - I.M. = 9-13
It Wasn't Me - I.W.M. = 9-23-13
It's My Party - I.M.P. = 9-13-16
Joy To The World - J.T.T.W. = 10-20-20-23
Karma Chameleon - K.C. = 11-3
Karma Police - K.P. = 11-16
Killing Me Softly - K.M.S. = 11-13-19
Kiss Me - K.M. = 11-13
Kung Fu Fighting - K.F.F. = 11-6-6
Mad World - M.W. = 13-23
Magic Bus - M.B. = 13-2
Man In The Mirror - M.I.T.M. = 13-9-20-13
Maybe I'm Amazed - M.I.A. = 13-9-1
More Than A Feeling - M.T.A.F. = 13-20-1-6
More Than Words - M.T.W. = 13-20-23
More Than This - M.T.T. = 13-20-20
More Than That - M.T.T. = 13-20-20
More Than A Woman - M.T.A.W. = 13-20-1-23
My Sharona - M.S. = 13-19
My Way - M.W. = 13-23
Paint It Black - P.I.B. = 16-9-2
Paradise City - P.C. = 16-3
Play The Funky Music - P.T.F.M. = 16-20-6-13
Pinball Wizard - P.W. = 16-23
Proud Mary - P.M. = 16-13
Santa Tell Me - S.T.M. = 19-20-13
Secret Agent Man - S.A.M. = 19-1-13
Season In The Sun - S.I.T.S = 19-9-20-9
She Wolf - S.W. = 19-23
Smooth Criminal - S.C. = 19-3
Sneaky Feelings - S.F. = 19-6
Soul Man - S.M. = 19-13
Spanish Castle Magic - S.C.M. = 19-3-13
Spirit In The Sky - S.I.T.S. = 19-9-20-19
Steal My Sunshinse - 19-13-19
Stay With Me - S.W.M. = 19-23-13
Stayin' Alive - S.A. = 19-1
Stone Free - S.F. = 19-6
Sugar Shack - S.S. = 19-19
Southern Man - S.M. = 19-13
Take My Breath Away - T.M.B.A. = 20-13-2-1
Teenage Wasteland - T.W. = 20-23
Tequila Sunrise - T.S. = 20-19
The Boy Is Mine - T.B.I.M. = 20-2-9-13
The Wind Cries Mary - T.W.C.M. = 20-23-3-13
Tom Sawyer - T.S. = 20-19
Trapped In The Closet - T.I.T.C. = 20-9-20-3
Turn Down For What - T.D.F.W. = 20-4-6-23
Walk This Way - W.T.W. = 23-20-23
Waiting For An Alibi - W.F.A.A. = 23-6-1-1
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - W.B.S.S. = 23-2-19-19
Watch Me - W.M. = 23-13
We Are Family - W.A.F. = 23-1-6
We Are The Champions - W.A.T.C. = 23-1-20-3
We Are The World - W.A.T.W. = 23-1-20-23
Welcome To The Jungle - W.T.T.J. = 23-20-20-10
Welcome To The Working Week - W.T.T.W.W. = 23-20-20-23-23
Wide Awake - W.A. = 23-1
Wild Thing - W.T. = 23-20
White Christmas - W.C. = 23-3
Why Can’t We Be Friends? - W.C.W.B.F. = 23-3-23-2-6
Wind Beneath My Wings - W.B.M.W. = 23-2-13-23
Witchy Woman - W.W. = 23-23
Wonderful Christmastime  - W.C. 23-3

Literally everything, including books, magazines, televisionslogansvideogamesstores and products, follow the rules of the code. The following albums, some of history's most popular or known, also follow the code's "Rule of 3":

Astral Weeks (Van Morrison album) - A.W. = 1-23 
All Things Must Pass (George Harrison album) - A.T.M.P. = 1-20-13-16
Automatic For The People (R.E.M. album) - A.F.T.P. = 1-6-20-16
Back Stabbers (O'Jays album) - B.S. = 2-19
Before and After Science (Brian Eno album) - B.A.A.S. = 2-1-1-19
Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Red Hot Chili Peppers album) - B.S.S.M. = 2-19-19-13
Call Me (Al Green album) - C.M. = 3-13
Can't Buy A Thrill (Steely Dan album) - C.B.A.T. = 3-2-1-20
Catch A Fire (The Wailers album) - C.A.F. = 3-1-6
Chestnut Street Incident (John Mellencamp album) - C.S.I. = 3-19-9
Child Is Father To The Man (Blood, Sweat And Tears album) - C.I.F.T.T.M. = 3-9-6-20-20-13
Chocolate Factory (R. Kelly album) - C.F. = 3-6
Court And Spark (Joni Mitchell album) - C.A.S. = 3-1-19
Crazy Sexy Cool (TLC album) - C.S.C. = 3-19-3
Forever Changes (Love album) - F.C. = 6-3
Fresh Cream (Cream album) - F.C. = 6-3
Is This It (The Strokes album) - I.T.I. = 9-20-9
Maggot Brain (Funkadelic album) - M.B. = 13-2
Mandatory Fun (Weird Al album) - M.F. = 13-6
Marquee Moon (Television album) - M.M. = 13-13
Meat Is Murder (The Smiths album) - M.I.M. = 13-9-13
Moanin' In The Moonlight (Howlin' Wolf album) - M.I.T.M. = 13-9-20-13
Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music (Ray Charles album) - M.S.I.C.A.W.M. = 13-19-9-3-1-23-13
More Songs About Buildings And Food (album) - M.S.A.B.A.F. = 13-19-1-2-1-6
Morning Phase (Beck album) - M.P. = 13-16
Mothership Connection (Parliament album) - M.C. = 13-3
Mr. Tambourine Man (The Byrds album) - M.T.M. = 13-20-13
My Aim Is True (Elvis Costello album) - M.A.I.T. = 13-1-9-20
Pet Sounds (Beach Boys album) - P.S. = 16-19
Pink Flag (Wire album) - P.F. = 16-6
Pink Moon (Nick Drake album) - P.M. = 16-13
Sail Away (Randy Newman album) - S.A. = 19-1
Sea Change (Beck album)
Spice World (Spice Girls album) - S.W. = 19-23
Steel Wheels (Rolling Stones album) - S.W. = 19-23
Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads albums) - S.M.S. = 19-13-19
Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones album) - S.F. = 19-6
Sweet Baby (James James Taylor album) - S.B.J. = 19-2-10
Surrealistic Pillow (Jefferson Airplane album) - S.P. = 19-16
Tea For The Tillerman (Cat Stevens album) - T.F.T.T. = 20-6-20-20
The Immaculate Collection (Madonna album) - T.I.C. = 20-9-3
The Pleasure Principal (Gary Numan album) - T.P.P. = 20-16-16
Toys In The Attic (Aerosmith album) - T.I.T.A. = 20-9-20-1
Watch The Throne (album) - W.T.T. = 23-20-20
White Blood Cells (The White Stripes album) - W.B.C. = 23-2-3

The reason that such a large percentage of mainstream media titles follow the "Rule of 3" is that the ideas which mainstream entertainment most often support are epitomized by the "3" group of letters.  The remaining "right-sided" letters are used to title media which portray the ideas symbolized by those letters.  The dichotomy between "3" letters and "right-sided" letters is similar to that between the physical and the unseen worlds.  Although modern entertainment may be full of fantasy, strangeness and variety, all of it is shot with the same lens, recorded with the same microphone.  Limitations are put on mass media that is too imaginative, intelligent or rebellious.  The "Rule of 3" is the general constraint reigning over the output of popular western culture for the past century.

The size and complexity of this conspiracy should not be completely surprising.  In order to be famous, you have to be in the world's secret club. Certain luminaries choose to release material of questionable quality so that they can obtain the greatest amount of fame and power.  Others, conversely, haven chosen a lesser amount of fame in exchange for greater artistic freedom.  Every Illuminati member chooses their own adventure.  Paradoxically, they always do exactly as they're told, yet their life course is also made up of their own decisions.  See the Site Map for more information.

Evaluating Tarot's Dubious Place in History

Each of us has lessons to learn, yet many of us will die before that occurs.  When we arrive to this plane of existence as infants, we are inchoate beings, innocent and without fault, but also devoid of wisdom or understanding.  When we leave this plane, we are full to the brim of information and facts, both trivial and important, but still with manifold lessons remaining, not just those of history, science or mathematics, but of morality.  None of us, even the greatest saint, is worthy of telling himself he has learned all the world has to teach.  Yet, so many of this earth bask in the glory of their own phony halos, secretly thinking themselves the author of their own immutable truth, the God of their own universe and the keeper of its laws.  The uneducated stay so because to them their position is the best and easiest way to skate through life.  Others of different sociological groups take it upon themselves to act as the police of everyone around them, not inconspicuous in their unearned and incorrect high opinion of themselves.  Even the humanist, clinging to his throne of egalitarianism, wishes that everyone was able to see the world as he does.  He says everyone is entitled to their opinion and often abstains from asserting any himself so that he can maintain a level of artificial dominance over those with the audacity to have one.  Humanity’s defect is that, deep inside, everyone, from the poorest to the richest, talentless to most gifted, believes theirs is the best thinking.  None of us is God.  Despite whatever New Age rhetoric is telling us, all of us are wrong.

Tarot is the ancient playing card deck used for games, as well as divination, the superstitious method of gaining insight.  Questions are posed, either aloud or silently, towards the deck, or whoever may be listening, and the person with the deck makes inferences resulting from which cards are dealt.  Based upon one’s understanding of each card’s symbolism is how the deck is used to provide answers to queries.  The organization of Tarot decks has varied, but the standard modern deck consists of 88 cards falling into two groups.  The “Minor Arcana” is basically similar to the normal 52-card playing card deck, but with different types of suits.  The “Major Arcana”, also called “trumps”, consists of 22 independent cards with whimsical names like “Wheel of Fortune”, “Justice”, “The Sun”, “The Moon”, “The Hermit” and "The Fool".  Each card has been imbued with its own tome of symbolism, the origin of which is impossible to ascertain.

Tarot has been used in both magnanimous and nefarious ways throughout its centuries long history.  Many kind occultists offer readings as a free service, seeing it as a genuine source of potential help for those whom are in some sort of guidance.  Others charge ridiculous fees and make insincere readings to eager clients whose gullibility they exploit.  Unfortunately, Tarot is so flexible that there is no way to prove the legitimacy or illegitimacy of any reading.  It’s not a science nor an art, but an exercise, a meter measuring the universe in units which we do not definitively comprehend.  Every tarot reading ever given likely contains some point of objection to be made by other practitioners.  Someone who knows nothing about Tarot might be forced to stammer their way through a reading and eventually give the same exact reading the world’s greatest expert would.  Tarot card readers are generally a supercilious bunch because by simply making deductions about the way the cards have fallen, they are asserting that their beliefs about the nature of the cards is informed.  The difference between an educated guess and a statement becomes blurred, causing them to think they possess knowledge where all they really possess is assuredness.  Once one becomes set in their ways, their ability to learn new methods of thinking is discontinued.

In this way, Tarot’s historical usage embodies all the faults of humanity.  Humans are stuck in such a ceaseless struggle for survival that if any chance arises for a trick to played, it is.  Knowledge isn’t shared, in order to empower others and the world as a whole, it is kept greedily at the chest, in order to assert dominance over others who lack it.  The reason that Earth’s understanding of Tarot is so nebulous is that those who truly understand it want to use that for their own benefit.  Readings are seldom prefaced by a disclaimer of bias or incomplete knowledge.  In order to market themselves effectively, people who provide readings for others represent themselves as having a deep and profound understanding of the deck, avoiding to admit that they don’t really know what they’re doing at all.  To their clients, the reader’s knowledge is complete and inarguable, relayed from Zion itself.  If they only knew that everyone is faking their way through Tarot and indeed through life, they wouldn’t be so quick to prostrate themselves below a false idol.  Of course, we all need to sometimes procure the assistance, advice, aid or mentorship of others.  Unnatural societal differentiation is created when the teacher becomes too comfortable in their position of leadership, while the student becomes too comfortable in their position of follower.  Even the teacher of millions is student to another.

The Tarot deck’s “Minor Arcana” is similar to the everyday deck, containing cards with names such as the “Five of Swords”, “Six of Cups”, “Seven of Wands” and “Eight of Coins”.  It might be easier and quicker to title these cards just what they are, “Five Swords”, “Six Cups”, Seven Wands” or “Eight Coins”, literally what is shown on the face of the card.  This method, however, would defeat the purpose of Tarot entirely.  If one pulls a single card, for example the “Five of Swords”, the reader is to infer that the universe is placidly asserting that the number five is “of” swords, intrinsically related to and a part of swords.  The esoteric symbolism of the number 5 would in this case be contained within the symbolism of swords.  The “Five of Swords” has the meaning it does because the universe where five is of swords differs from the universe where four or six is of swords.

Ultimately, Tarot is best used as a tool for one’s own study, not for making prophesies about the lives of others, or even oneself.  By gradually acquiring an understanding of each card in the deck, one begins to understand the significance of each number, besides its simple mathematical definition.  For instance, the numbers 3, 6 and 9 have a special significance on this plane.  The triangle has 3 sides, with angles equaling 180 degrees, which is divisible by 3, 6, and 9.  The circle has 360 degrees, also divisible by 3, 6 and 9.  Tarot cards of these numbers thus have interdependent relationships.  Endless formulas, equations and geometric images illustrate that these 3 numbers are paramount to the grand design of the universe.

The colossal secret of the century is that the authors of the mass media have instilled across the entire entertainment industry these exact blueprints, the living version of Tarot incarnated.  The majority of films, television shows, products, magazines, stores, slogans, videogames, songs and albums are titled to follow something called the “Rule of 3”, defined as the great overuse of letters which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.  That means that most of the words you see everyday in the mass media begin with C (letter 3), F (6), I (9), M (13) , P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26).  This, the "3" group, is also used with letters which act to support its power: A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11) and T (20), letters which contain 1 or 2.  Like sacred geometry, upon which the numerological symbolism contained with Tarot is based, this “code” is an arcane subject worthy of unending study and contemplation.  Every single media piece is meant to represent, in the letters and initials of its title, its themes.  The “Rule of 3” is pervasive throughout the mass media because it also permeates through our physical plane of existence.  The remaining letters are eschewed because they are that which permeates through the higher, astral plane of existence, something which is rarely represented in the mainstream media.

Just as with Tarot, the preposition “of” is used to assert that one entity is related to and part of another.  In all other cases, the initials of words is what matters.  However, as used by The Code, “of” does not signify O (15), but instead implies a correlative relationship between the initials on its two sides.  The following list illustrates how the mass media code uses the word “of” in combination with the “Rule of 3”.  Every initial is either a “3” letter, those which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet, or is part of the “catalyst” group, those which contain 1 or 2.  The word “of” solidifies a connection between the initials which it intersects.

A String of Pearls (song) - A.S.P. = 1-19-16
Ace of Spades (song) - A.S. = 1-19
Age of Innocence (film) - A.I. = 1-9
Anatomy of A Murder (film) - A.A.M. = 1-1-13
Angel of Mine (song) - A.M. = 1-13
Bridges of Madison County (film) - B.M.C. = 2-13-3
Chain of Fools (song) - C.F. = 3-6
Chariots of Fire (film) - C.F. = 3-6
Children of The Corn (film) - C.T.C. = 3-20-3
Cloud With A Chance of Meatballs (film) - C.W.A.C.M. = 3-23-1-3-13
Diary of A Wimpy Kid (film) - D.A.W.K. = 4-1-23-11
Flight of The Conchords - F.T.C. = 6-20-3
Flock of Seagulls (band) - F.S. = 6-19
Invasion of The Body Snatchers (film) - I.T.B.S. = 9-20-2-19
Man of Steel (film) - M.S. = 13-19
Memories Are Made of This (song) - M.A.M.T. = 13-1-13-20
Person of Interest (show) - P.I. = 16-9
Phil of The Future (show) - P.T.F. = 16-20-6
Pirates of The Caribbean (film) - P.T.C. = 16-20-3
Planet of The Apes (film) - P.T.A. = 16-20-1
Poor People of Paris (song) - P.P.P. = 16-16-16
Poor Side of Town (song) - P.S.T. = 16-19-20
Sands of Imo Jima (film) - S.I.J. = 19-9-10
Scent of A Woman (film) - S.A.W. = 19-1-23
Son of A Preacher Man (song) - S.A.P.M. = 19-1-16-13
Soldier of Fortune - S.F. = 19-6
The Sound of Music (film) - S.M. = 19-13
That’s The Way of The World (song) - T.T.W.T.W. = 20-20-23-20-23
The Count of Monte Cristo (film) - T.C.M.C. = 20-3-13-3
The Color of Money (film) - T.C.M. = 20-3-13
The Fate of The Furious (film) - T.F.T.F. = 20-6-20-6
The Sounds of Silence (song) - T.S.S. = 20-19-19
The Tears of A Clown (song) - T.T.A.C. = 20-20-1-3
The Tracks of My Tears (song) - T.T.M.T. = 20-20-13-20
The War of The Worlds (film) - T.W.T.W. = 20-23-20-23
The Wolf of Wall Street (film) - T.W.W.S. = 20-23-23-19
The Wrath of Khan (film) - T.W.K. = 20-23-11
Top of the World (song) - T.T.W. = 20-20-23
Treasure of Sierra Madre (film) - T.S.M. = 20-19-13
Wheel of Fortune (show) - W.F. = 23-6
White Shade of Pale (song) - W.S.P. = 23-19-16
Wizards of Waverly Place (show) - W.W.P. = 23-23-16

Hopefully you aren't surprised by the existence of this code.  Most of us have long been aware that, behind the curtain, Western media was hiding something, sinister or benevolent.  The entertainment industry is not just a business, it's a tool, used by the governors of the world to instill in the people the qualities they wish.  The consumerist culture is often maligned, but the ultimate goal of the Illuminati class is to make us thirsty for life, not greedy for products, but greedy for adventure, creation, experience, relationships and spirituality.  In order to live our lives fully, we had to be oblivious to the code, exist despite it.  Although it may sound not sound intuitive, having a closed mind is sometimes better than an open one.  The Code has been nagging at all of our consciousness for the entirety of our lives.  The people who blocked themselves from it are those who enjoyed their lives the most.  Spiritualists are the ones who've lived with a burden upon them, unable to solve the cosmic puzzle constantly haranguing them.  When the code is fully disclosed to the public, they will be vindicated, freed, and given back their nature.

Subliminal Messages in Children's Programming

Properly parenting a child is among the world's most difficult and important tasks.  The parent's duty is to show their child the best path to being a quality individual, succeeding at life, building upon the legacy of their family, their ancestors, and making the world a better place.  A child's mother and father are obligated to rise to the occasion.  The existential perspective of the new parent is often elevated to such an extent that they immediately become a better person, realizing the monumental and timeless endeavor upon which they are about to embark and become their best self for the benefit of their child.  They obsess over their child, and he or she becomes more paramount than themselves.  Other times, the selfishness of parents permeates through.  They become lazy guardians, egocentric, or project their own sadness and anger onto their child.

In his poem My Heart Leaps Up, William Wordsworth wrote that "The Child is father of the man".  It is the mandate of humanity that each successive generation improve upon the last.  Even the world's greatest, most intelligent and gifted parent will still be humbled by the beauty of his or her progeny's mind.  The bigoted parents consider themselves better than their child.  Instead of admitting their own imperfection and lack of universal understanding, they posture themselves as a god.  They refuse to accept that the gift of their child was given so that they may learn, as well as teach.  The growth of their child is smothered, their world view is diminished, their confidence is hampered, and their aspirations are lowered.  The only true failure of a parent is one who does not provide for his child the faculties to be a greater success than they.  Happy, able people who raise children to happy, able adults are only achieving the least that is expected from them.  The world's greatest parents are those who were themselves provided the least from their own parents, yet gave the most possible to their own.  Each of us is bound by the constraints of our own abilities.  The effort that we exert using these abilities is a person's measure.

If the personality of an adult was shaped entirely by their parent's influence alone, the disparity of the human race would augment.  Angry parents would raise even angrier children.  Bigoted parents would raise even more bigoted children.  Intelligent parents would raise even more intelligent children.  Materialistic parents would raise even more materialistic children.  The gap between the classes and societal groups would increase and strife would become rampant.  Fortunately, a variety of forces contribute to creating the people that occupy this planet.  We learn how to act from our friends, from other family members, at our educational institutions, and through other avenues, such as the internet, which is creating all sorts of worldly connections which were previously impossible.

The role of schools in a child's developmental process has increased greatly over the past century.  Prior, parents were undoubtably the main force in their child's upbringing.  Many children were received their main education at home, then later brought it to the outside world.  Alternatively, the contemporary child receives their main education from the outside world and brings it home to their parents, who often are surprised, impressed or dismayed by the information they hear regurgitated to them.  Parents are having to do much less parenting and much more syphoning, filtering the barrage of positive and negative information which their children are vulnerable to absorb.  Choosing for their children the television they view, the websites they visit, the friends they keep, and the school they visit has become so important that the importance of the wisdom which parents directly give their children has been eclipsed by the choices they make on their behalf.  Teachers are increasingly more parental, but parents haven't become teachers, they've become decision makers.

Many adults credit television with teaching them many lessons used throughout their lives.  Children's programs are designed to teach lessons to the young just as adult programs are designed to illustrate a moral to the already grown.  Television has been a main educational force for the last century, imparting us all with a diluted version of the ethics taught in the books which we put down long ago.  As the world population exploded, it became necessary for television to fulfill the role of master.  Billions of people were to interact with each other and without knowledge which they could share together, confusion would have prevailed upon us.  By broadcasting the same image to so many people, we immediately gained something in common.  Television reflected the temperament of the people.  It showed us our true selves, comedic, dramatic, sometimes inane, sometimes violent, but sometimes poignant and intelligent.  It shaped Earth's humanity as we shaped it.

Television's historical importance was destined.  When it began a century ago, its progenitors knew the role it would play in shaping the world of tomorrow.  The world's most recent era is always its most important.  We've skirted past annihilating ourselves countless times.  None knows the great efforts done to preserve human life on Earth.  Without the force of television shining its light into so many households around the world, bringing with it disconnected emotion, thought and humor, we might not have even gotten so far.  The authors of the mass media have been accused of participating in a massive conspiracy to keep the people pacified and behaved.  Indeed, that theory has already been proven.  The goal of the governing class is to govern.  To maintain that status, they have trained the people to be governable.  

In order for television to take the role of parent, god and king, it needed to project upon its audience something worthy of awe.  To theater the people were already accustomed.  Shakespeare taught them to be experts at its tricks and tactics.  They were informed enough not to be outsmarted by ruses.  So, in addition to the usual semantic jokes, allusions and puns, another layer of ironic depth was needed, which came in the form of a code.  This simple letter-number code was used throughout the mass media since the inception of television.  It's present in music, film, television, products, stores and print, everything consumed by humans, by both adults and children.

The code is based on simple principals.  Every letter is assigned a number based on its position in the alphabet.  A.B.C. equals 1-2-3, and so forth.  The code's most important tenet is the "Rule of 3", defined as the vast overuse as initials of letters which contain a multiple of 3: C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13) , P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26).  This "3" group is also combined with the "catalyst" group: A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11) and T (20).  The remaining letters are used much less often and if possible not at all.  The code follows this formula so that the ideas which the "3" group of letters symbolize are strengthened in the conception of the public.  The code is ubiquitous.  Since the birth of the media it has been present.  That it is used in the same manner for both children's and adult's programming indicates the esteem which its authors hold the people:

Barney and Friends
B.A.F. (2-1-6) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter F (6) with catalyzers A (1) and B (2).

Blue Peter
The world's longest running children's show, from England, follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter P (16) with catalyzer B (2).

Blues Clues
B.C (2-3) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter C (3) with catalyzer B (2).  Through ratio, it also suggests .666, the "Number of the Beast". 

Bugs Bunny Show
B.B.S. follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter S (19) with catalyzer B (2).

Captain Kangaroo
C.K. (3-11) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter C (3) with catalyzer K (11).

Care Bears
C.B. (3-2) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter C (3) and catalyzer B (2). 

Chip Munks
C.M. (3-13) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters C (3) and M (13).

Fineas And Ferb
F.A.F. (6-1-6) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter F (6) with catalyzer A (1).

Josie And The Pussycats
J.A.T.P. (10-1-20-16) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter P (16) with catalyzers A (1), J (10) and T (20).

Kids Incorporated
K.I. (11-9) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter I (9) with catalyzer K (11).

The Magic School Bus
T.M.S.B. (20-13-19-2) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters M (13) and S (19) with catalyzers T (20) and B (2).

Mickey Mouse Club
M.M.C. (13-13-3) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters C (3) and M (13).

Mighty Mouse
M.M. (13-13-3) follows the "Rule of 3" as the alliteration of "3" letter M (13).

Mopatop's Shop
M.S. (13-19) follows the "Rule of 3" as the alliteration of "3" letters M (13) and S (19)

Mr. Magoo
Again, the alliteration of "3" letter M (13) strengthens it.

Mr. Wizards World
M.W.W. (13-23-23) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters M (13) and W (23).

Muppet Babies
M.B. (13-2) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter M (13) and catalyzer B (2).

My Three Sons
Literally, M.T.C. (13-20-19) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter C (3) and M (13) with catalyzer T (20).  Obviously, M.C.S. (13-3-19) also follows the same rule.

Picture Pages
P.P. (16-16) follows the "Rule of 3" as the alliteration of "3" letter P (16).

Pinky And The Brain
P.A.T.B. (16-1-20-2) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter P (16) with catalyzers A (1), B (2) and T (20).

Punky Brewster
P.B. (16-2) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter P (16) and catalyzer B (2).

Sesame Street
S.S. (19-19) follows the "Rule of 3" as the alliteration of "3" letter S (19).  Even PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, the network which originally aired Sesame Street, follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters P (16) and S (19) with catalyzer B (2).

Shirt Tales
S.T. (19-20) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter S (19) and catalyzer T (20).

Sid The Science Kid
S.T.S.K. (19-20-19-11) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter S (19) and catalyzers T (20) and K (11).

Small Wonder
S.W. follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter S (19) and W (23).

Square Pegs
S.P. follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter S (19) and P (16).

Strawberry Shortcake
S.S. (19-19) follows the "Rule of 3" as the alliteration of "3" letter S (19).  It also suggests S.S.C. (19-19-3) also following the same rule.

Super Friends
S.F. (19-6) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters S (19) and F (6)

The Flintstones
T.F. (20-6) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters F (6) with catalyzer T (20).  It also suggests T.F.S. (20-6-19) which follows the same rule.

The Muppets Show
T.M.S. (20-13-19) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters M (13) and S (19) with catalyzer T (20).

The Pink Panther
T.P.P. (20-16-16) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters P (20) with catalyzer T (20).

The Wild Thornberrys
T.W.T. (20-23-20) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters W (23) with catalyzer T (20).  It also suggests T.W.T.B. (20-23-20-2) which follows the same rule.

Thunder Cats
T.C. (20-3) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter C (3) and catalyzer T (20).

Top Cat
"Top Cat" is the same initials as "Thunder Cats", following the same rule.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego
W.I.T.W.I.C.S. (23-9-20-23-9-3-19) follows the "Rule of 3" entirely as the combination of "3" letters C (3), I (9), W (23) and catalyzer T (20).

Wild Kratts
W.K. (23-11) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter W (23) and catalyzer K (11).

The writers of the code are the secret society known popularly as the Illuminati.  They alone control the flow of media from its unknown origins to the people.  The code was invented so that the existence of this group would be effectively trivialized.  Because the public failed to recognize the pattern which was occurring in front of them, their tendency to suspect collusion was lessened even further.  If the code did not exist, the people would have perceived the Illuminati's existence much sooner than they did. 

The Illuminati used film as their apparatus for teaching the people.  Slowly over the decades, they have designed the media to match the lesson which they thought the people were needing.  They've treated us as a parent treats his child, keeping secrets from us that they thought us too immature to understand.  Good parents teach their children themselves, directly.  Instead, the Illuminati taught us in parables and riddles, codes and games.  Upon gaining the power of guardianship, they had no epiphany, they did not raise themselves up to their mission.  Instead, in their infinite conceit, they decided they were our idols, caring for us more in the way that a man cares for his dog than his beloved child.  They had everything in the world available to teach us, to give us and instead they thought they'd teach us a slow and painful lesson, a century long.  They forgot that the child is the father of the man.