Alcohol Is Killing the Spiritual Revolution

Alcohol is so intrinsic to Western culture that the word “drinking” has come to colloquially mean drinking alcohol, not just any beverage.  Many consume it as part of their lifestyle, be that with friends, family, or alone.  We tell ourselves it’s a necessity, a diversion or a luxury.  The average individual avoids thinking of their life without it.  Some, who have been so engrossed by it, think of nothing else.  Only a small contingent of Westerners still show steady contempt for it.  Seemingly no one wants to consider a world without alcohol.  It seems like such an unattainable goal that it’s like contemplating something infinitely far away, a task perfect in its impossibility.  

That world, in which alcohol exists but is not consumed, could be so many things.  Perhaps, it would be a paradise.  Humanity makes the positive decision to abstain, and not distracted by the vice which it invites, allows itself to do all the good works we’ve avoided.  Alternatively, it might be a wasteland, full of angrily frustrated people with no way to stoke the side of them which demands inebriation.  Much of the Middle East consumes no alcohol, and although they have undoubtably reaped some benefits as a result, such as clarity of mind, that part of the world certainly has its problems as well, perhaps directly as a result.  Whether these problems are greater, lesser or equal to that those of the West cannot be ascertained with assuredness.  The West has been swimming in a churning tide of alcohol since its modern inception.  Our minds, our demeanors, our thoughts, behaviors and actions are immutably tied to it, led by it.  The supporters of Western culture like to think that their way is better, but it is just different, the other extreme.  All of humanity has tendencies that need to be smothered.  American culture allowed every individual full freedom to express themselves, and some used that maturely, enjoying themselves while also living fruitful lives.  Others proved through their recklessness that some are in need of more guidance and direction.  In countries where temperance is law, none have been given that opportunity.  Though surely some deserve it, others would surely drown themselves in an inhumane ecstasy of indulgence.  Just by looking at the countless lives destroyed by abuse, one can see that alcohol doesn’t makes the world a better place.  Although many would say their lives have been more greatly enjoyed because of it, though they can't say for sure what their life without it may have been.

Images of alcohol consumption are everywhere, and all of our worldly conceptions are informed by what is around us.  Things people say to us, we are likely to repeat.  Actions we see performed, we are likely to imitate.  The mass media influences us more than any individual we might hear or see.  It harnesses the influential force of a thousand men, all doing the same thing simultaneously.  It is hard to fault anyone for emulating the version of reality they see projected upon them.  Each of us does what we think society expects of us.  Art is supposed to imitate life, but if all of humanity's artistic creations were controlled and directed in a certain way, life would invariably become the imitation of art.  The mass media is just that, a single connected entity.  To distract the viewer from seeing its cohesive wholeness, different sectors of it present contrasting versions of reality.  The total public conception of alcohol has been exactly refined through generations of expertly tailored propaganda.

It’s known that alcohol softens the mind to suggestion.  It mitigates our faculties and opens us to outsider influence.  We’ve been told that it loosens our inhibitions, and we drink it to achieve a more personable temperament.  We’ve been told that we lack the courage to be our true selves, and we’ve been prescribed alcohol for that.  The mass media exists to steer public opinion, to affect the minds of the people, to make them think and live a certain way.  Excessive alcohol consumption has been systematically normalized by the mass media in order to numb our fortitude and ease our conditioning.  To control one’s mind should be a consummate goal.  To control another’s is an evil of the worst kind.

The perpetrators of these deeds, the authors of the mass media, the Illuminati, have stopped at nothing as part of their quest to control every minute aspect of our being.  Drowning our sensibilities in alcohol wasn’t enough.  Scaring off our innocence with violence wasn’t enough.  Filling our pure bodies with poisonous food wasn’t enough.  Altering our brains with needless prescription drugs wasn’t enough.  All of these dastardly, heinous acts upon us were still not enough to stifle the strength of the people.  All of these things, and they still needed a secret code, embedded across all of mass media, to keep us down.  Without this code affecting us subconsciously, since the conception of the mass media so many decades ago, they would not have been able to inflict all these crimes against humanity.  

The Code can be summarized simply, as the overuse of certain letters compared to others, those which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.  That means that C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13) , P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26) are the initials of the vast majority of all titles.  This “3” group of letters is also used in combination with letters which further strengthen its dominance, A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11) and T (20).  Everything under Illuminati control, including films, television, musicvideogamesmagazinessports, slogans, use this form, the “Rule of 3”.  The code is veiled throughout the entirety of the world, unseen.  Because it has not been recognized by the general public, our sensibilities are numbed to the point of drunkedness.  The world’s most prevalent alcohol brands are all Illuminati entities, and employ the code thusly:

Captain Morgan
This brand is a good simple example of the “Rule of 3”.  Its initials are C.M., which translates to 3-13 according to each letter's place in the alphabet.  Both are “3” letters because they contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in alphabet.

Molson Canadian
This brand is the same initials reversed, which follows the “Rule of 3” in the same way.  All worldwide brand names are chosen with extreme intent.

Johnny Walker
This brand name also follow the “Rule of 3”.  W (23) is a “3” letter which strengthened by the catalyzer J (10), which one can easily understand symbolizes perfection.

Wild Turkey 
The pairing W.T. (23-20) is eminent in the media because it combines the important “3” letter W (23) with the catalyzer T (20).

Blue Moon 
The pairing B.M. (2-13) is also very common in the mass media because it follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of the important “3” letter M (13) with catalyzer B (2).

Jameson Irish Whiskey
The initial group J.I.W. follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of “3” letters I (9) and W (23) with catalyzer J (10).

Patron Tequila
Brand names like this one marginalize the simplicity of the code.  P.T. (16-20) also follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of “3” letter P (16) with catalyzer (20).

Baileys Irish Cream
Brand names such as this one may seem innocent, however most often they hide a simple use of the code.  B.I.C. (2-9-3) follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of “3” letters C (3) and I (9) with catalyzer B (2).  The pairing B.C. (2-3) is also common because it suggests the ratio 2/3, which is .666 repeating, the so-called “Number of the Beast”.  That the prominent pen company "Bic" uses the same letters is no coincidence.

Bombay Sapphire
These initials are extremely common in the media and even used as a pejorative slang term worldwide, a decision of the ruling class which teaches us language.  The pairing B.S. (2-19) follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of “3” letter S (19) and catalyzer B (2).

Stellas Artois
The pairing S.A. (19-1) follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of “3” letter S (19) and catalyzer A (1).

Samuel Adams
It is no coincidence that this brand name has the same initials.  It's not among America’s most popular beer brands because of the historical figure of the same name, but because his initials follow the “Rule of 3”.

Fat Tire
Silly sounding phrases like this often mask the code.  The pairing F.T. (6-20) follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of “3” letter F (6) and catalyzer T (20).

Although presented as a single word, America’s most prominent beer brand nonetheless suggests two initials, B.W. (2-23).  The “3” letter W (23) is strengthened through combination with the primary letter B (2).  The word “weiser” is actually German for “wise”.  Regardless of the supposed origins of this brand name, the subliminal implication that drinking alcohol grants wisdom is horrendous in its irony.

Key Stone
The pairing K.S. (11-19) follows the “Rule of 3” as the combination of “3” letter S (19) and catalyzer K (11).

Knob Creek
K.C. (11-3) is another common pairing which follows the “Rule of 3”.  The “3” letter C (3) is strengthened by catalyzer K (11).

Makers Mark
In the mass media, alliterations (the same letter repeated) are almost always “3” letters.  M (13) repeated strengthens it and follows the "Rule of 3".

Fire Ball Cinnamon Whiskey
F.B.C.W. (6-2-3-23) follows the “Rule of 3” entirely, as the combination of “3” letters C (3), F (6) and W (23) with catalyzer B (2).

Jose Cuervo
The pairing J.C. (10-3) is extremely common in the mass media, often used as the name of fictional characters, an allusion to Jesus Christ.  It also follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of catalyzer J (10) and "3" letter C (3).

Dos Equis
Obviously, not every extant brand can follow the "Rule of 3", or it would become too obvious and noticed.  Every product name is meant to reflect itself in its initials, so although it makes sense that many utilize the code's main tenet, others use it differently.  This brand in Spanish means "two x's".  Any inclusion of letters, English or otherwise, in product names is a tactic which the authors of the code use to trivialize its existence.

Bud Light
This title may seem reasonable, as the low calorie version of Budweiser, but exhibits an interesting use of the code corollary to the main "Rule of 3".  When possible, letters can divide, creating a ratio.  The pairing B.L. (2-12) is extremely common in the mass media because it simplifies to 1-6, which strengthens F (6), a central goal of the code. 

Labatt Blue
This brand name uses the same initials in reverse.  The pairing L.B. (12-2) simplifies to 6-1, which also strengthens F (6).

Crown Royal
The pairing C.R. (3-18) is also extremely common in the mass media, as it creates the same ratio as B.L. (2-12). 

Chivas Regal
That there are two prominent liquors of similar sounding names, of the same initials, is a tactic meant to trivialize the public's recognition of the code.  This brand strengthens 6 in the same way.

The Famous Grouse
This odd brand name employs the eminent F.G. (6-7) pairing, extremely common in the mass media because it strengthens the public conception of F (6) compared to G (7).  The pairing G.F. (7-6) is barely visible at all because at this time the authors of the code intend F (6), and the ideas which it represents, to be the more dominant of the two.

Jack Daniels
Among America's most prominent whiskeys, J.D. (10-4) does not contain any "3" letters, but consists of two catalyzers, J (10) and D (4).  The media want the public to think of alcohol as energizing, despite it being a depressant, so a brand name consisting of two catalyzers is appropriate.

Jim Beam
Similarly, J.B. (10-2) consists of the catalyzers J (10) and B (2).  The symbolism of J (10) is related to perfection, while B (2) is related to being, so it's almost as if the implication is that this product is a path to contentment.

The American Natives consumed no alcohol before European conquerers introduced them to it.  Because they had no genetically developed tolerance for it, abuse quickly became common.  We, as a worldwide culture, have come to show disdain for those who can't handle the ingestion of alcohol.  The fatalities it has caused are subconsciously seen as righteous by those more capable of stomaching it.  Rather than supporting the development of those who are physiologically adverse to alcohol, we have taken to weeding them out of society, letting this fall by the wayside, and calling it fair because of their lack of conceived strength.  The world is now full of humans who can handle their liquor, rather than those who'd be better off not imbibing.

Holy Trinity Hidden Throughout All of Existence

Regrettably, language can never represent exactly what occurs in the mind.  It can merely act as a tool used in attempt.  A great many of the world’s problems have resulted from the frustration of being unable to express ourselves as we wish.  Humanity has devised manifold languages of varying grammatical structures and syntax, all of which attempt the same thing, lucid communcation between individuals.  It was plainly decided that the more words were available for usage, the more accurate they would be in representing our feelings.  Unfortunately, without a uniform education system, miscommunication may have consequently become even more rampant, as some groups developed ways of thinking based on words to which others had not yet been introduced.  Language is at once the solution, and the problem.

Word association has an incredible strength in modern society.  When concepts are constantly used in combination, they create a bond which exists regardless of their actual relationship.  For example, if the title of the world's most popular film consisted of two wholly unrelated entities, to the public these ideas would nonetheless become interweaved.  In the schema which organize thoughts of the mind, it is most common for words to be associated which bare some logical similarity.  Red is associated with Blue because they are both colors.  Flute is associated with Piano because they are both musical instruments.  Circle is associated with Square because they are both shapes.  Other times, conversely, words become associated because they are practically opposites.  Night and DayGood and Evil, Black and White, these pairs are as closely related as two concepts can be, despite their contrary natures.  Unfortunately, language has endlessly trained the human mind in this way, and pairs of concepts are treated as of the same group or dualistically opposed, either the same or different.  Language has taught humanity to think as simply as possible.  Presented with two things, they are either with each other, or against each other.  It is therefore possibly a worthy exercise for humans to associate words of absolutely no relationship with one another, to assert that they are neither intrinsically similar nor total reversals.  Because the human mind enjoys new ways of thinking, we find humor in phrases which frivolously pair unrelated subjects.

If asked to complete the phrase "the holy...", many would submit the word "trinity", meaning something having the state of three.  These words have had a dependent relationship for many generations.  The concept of holiness has thus become associated with the concept of three.  Rather than logically conclusive ideas like Church, God or Heaven, we have been programmed over centuries to finish that phrase basically with a number.  Moreover, of any number from 1 to 10, the number 7 has classically been treated as the most holy, for whatever reason.  To replace 7 as the holiest of numbers with 3 has had metaphysical repercussions globally, intangible as they may be.  To the Christian of many different denominations, 3 is the holiest of numbers, and to espouse it might work to bring about conversion, revelation, or even the return of Christ.  The elite Christians of the world, with the cooperation of other Abrahamic monotheists, have secretly instilled the Holy Trinity throughout the world, in the names of the companies which they own and control.  This secret “code” follows something appropriately called the “Rule of 3”, the prevalent use of letters as initials which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet: C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26).  This “3” group of letters is also used in combination with letters which further strengthen the trinity, A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11) and T (20).  To the true believer, holiness is everywhere, in all things, all people, all places.  It connects us all, though we cannot see it.  "The Code" is meant to reflect the sanctimonious unseen force of God.

A&P - A.A.P. = 1-1-16
Auto Zone - A.Z. = 1-26
Advance Auto Parks - A.A.P. = 1-1-16
Annie Sez - A.S. = 1-19
Best Western - B.W. = 2-23
Boston Market - B.M. = 2-13
Buffalo Wild Wings - B.W.W. = 2-23-23
Burlington Coat Factory - B.C.F. = 2-3-6
Cheesecake Factory - C.F. = 3-6
Circle K - C.K. = 3-11
Cold Stone Creamery - C.S.C. = 3-19-3
Comfort Suites - C.S. = 3-19
Famous Footwear - F.F. = 6-6
Iron Skillet - I.S. = 9-19
Jack In The Box = 10-9-20-2
Jersey Mike's Subs = 10-13-19
J.C. Penny - J.C.P. = 10-3-16
K-Mart - K.M. = 11-13
K.F.C. = 11-6-3
Mattress Firm - M.F. = 13-6
Men's Wearhouse - M.W. = 13-23
Motel 6 - M.F. = 13-6
P. F. Changs - P.F.C. = 16-6-3
Pac Sun - P.S. = 16-19
Papa John's - P.J. = 16-10
Papa Murphy's - P.M. = 16-13
Party City - P.C. = 16-3
Path Mark - P.M. = 16-13
Payless Shoe Source - P.S.S. = 16-19-19
Pet Co. - P.C. = 16-3
Pet Smart - P.S. = 16-19
Pier 1 Imports - P.A.I. = 16-1-9
Planet Fitness - P.F. = 16-6
Pretzel Factory - P.F. = 16-6
Public Storage - P.S. = 16-19
S.T.S. Tires - S.T.S.T. = 19-20-19-20
Safe Way - S.W. = 19-23
Salad Works - S.W. = 19-23
Sam Ash - S.A. = 19-1
Sam's Club - S.C. = 19-3
Shake Shack - S.S. = 19-19
Sharper Image - S.I. = 19-9
Sherwin Williams Paints - S.W.P. = 19-23-16
Six Flags - F.F. = 6-6
Smash Burger - S.B. = 19-2
Speed Way - S.W. = 19-23
Sports Authority - S.A. = 19-1
Starbucks Coffee - S.C. = 19-3
Stop And Shop - S.A.S. = 19-1-19
Subway - S.W. = 19-23
Super Cuts - S.C. = 19-3
Super Fresh - S.F. = 19-6
T-Mobile - T.M. = 20-13
T.J. Maxx - T.J.M. = 20-10-13
Tuesday Morning - T.M. = 20-13
Wal Mart - W.M. = 23-13
Wawa - W.A.W.A. = 23-1-23-1
Wells Fargo - W.F. = 23-6
Wet Seal - W.S. = 23-19
White Castle - W.C. = 23-3
Whole Foods Market - W.F.M. = 23-6-13
 Williams Sonoma - W.S. = 23-19
Wing Stop - W.S. = 23-19
Wing Street - W.S. = 23-19

If any one number can have an intrinsic symbolism, then all numbers must also by extension.  For example, in both the Eastern and Western worlds, the number 7 is commonly understood to symbolize God.  It's hard to understand why, though.  Based on simple Platonic logic, we can establish that numbers do correspond to ideas, and that numerology is real.  Which number is more symbolic of God, the number 666 or the number 777?  Most people would say 777, because 666 is widely know as the "number of the beast", the devil's number.  Which number is more symbolic of perfection, 10 or 5?  Most people would say 10.  The fact that this results from our Base-10 mathematical system is irrelevant.  Which number is more indicative of being a leader, 1 or 2?  The answer is of course 1.  Over the course of our human history, each number has attached itself to a personality.  Across many cultures and mythologies, abstractions like numbers, colors and shapes share traits, exhibiting the invisible force which connects us all.  Disparate populations share opinions about intangible concepts which have much in common.  If there was not truth to these baseless guesses, then every culture's beliefs would be random, completely different and opposing.  Instead, in many instances they are basically the same.  This gives credence to the beauty of our shared humanity.  

Each letter is inextricably connected to its place in the alphabet.  The symbolism of the 10th letter J is identical to the symbolism of the number 10, and the symbolism of the 7th letter G is equal to the symbolism of the number 7.  If your name is Aaron A. Aaronson, don't you think that you would live your life knowing that your initials are each the first letter of the alphabet?  Don't you think that would have some affect on the way which you live your life?  Alternately, if your initials are Z.Z.Z., don't you think you would understand that your initials are all the last letter of the alphabet?  If your initials are J.J.J., R.R.R., A.B.C., C.B.A., or anything, the same is always true.  Our initials contribute to making us who we are.  This information both consciously and subconsciously affects how we act everyday, and shapes our identities as individuals.  To the world's Illuminati, this is an inarguable, unavoidable truth.

It is possible that scientific study could illustrate empirically the symbolism embodied by each number.  A simple experiment could show that numbers illicit emotions.  Present a subject with 6 balls, 6 strings, 6 bowls, 6 pens, or make them do an action 6 times, while measuring their neurological and physiological outputs.  Then, do the same thing with 7 items, or actions.  Analysis of the variance between the subject's reaction to different number of objects or actions could exhibit the physiological basis for numerological mythology.  The Illuminati are, more than anything, scientists.  Indeed, these type of experiments have been performed for decades, in secret.

Because the alphabet is so deeply ingrained in every English speaker, numbers and their corresponding letters will illicit the same neurological response in the subject upon which they act.  Every literate person knows the alphabet's order.  Every person through osmosis memorizes these 26 items which they encounter all day long.  When someone hears A, they think 1.  When they hear B, they think 2.  And so on, all the way to Z, 26.  It does not matter if a person isn't consciously aware that, for example, K is the 11th letter.  They are aware of it subconsciously, and their neurological response will reflect that.  The human brain is capable of billions of operations and memories.  When letters are presented, they might as well be their corresponding number, and vice versa.  That's the strength of The Illuminated Alphabet.

The presentation of "The Code" in languages which utilize non-Roman alphabets complicates the matter.  It is assured that the code is present in all international mass medias which use our same letter system, such Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or Swedish.  The mystical symbolism of each letter is the same throughout.  However, because the Illuminati want each country to have its own unique personality, the code is utilized differently depending on location.  In America, the "3" group of letters is given strength because they want our country to be instilled with the traits of these letters.  Perhaps in other countries, the other letters, such as E (5), G (7), L (12), N (14), O (15), Q (17), V (22) and Y (25), are given more power because their symbolism better represents the personality of that locale.  Like the Holy Spirit, the Code is a magnificently beautiful concept, endlessly deep and unknowable, yet worthy of contemplative meditation.

So Cereal: Occultism in American Nostalgia

To many people, concepts related to the occult are foreign, as well as perhaps stupid, confusing, or personally offensive.  The zealot American Judeo-Christian is unsure whom to levy greater judgement upon, the atheist or fringe believer.  Upon immediate thought, one of several images might come to mind.  The witches and warlords are gathered around a crystal ball, conjuring some spell, probably with ill intent.  The voodoo master is practicing black magic, throwing dice, examining entrails and making interpretations.  The elite are in their darkened robes, standing in a circle, chanting deeply.  The modern solitary practitioner is siting at their sigil, hoping to emanate good fortune for themselves, their family or friends.  The content believer is quietly basking in the metaphysical world.  Despite the disparity of these preconceptions, the life of even the most mundane seeming American citizen has been forcibly entrenched with the occult, without their knowledge.  Many of our so-called forefathers, the founders of this nation, were deists, followers of a different God than that of the people, believers in white or black magic, or according to some, worshippers of Satan, the Devil, or Lucifer, whatever the true identity of these figures may be.  Through their positions of supreme influence they were able to set in motion a society which would seem classically monotheistic, however still revolve around esoteric principals.

Incredible is it that while the American child of the mid-19th century might have been living in a nightmare, on a desolate unyielding farm, or dealing directly with the horrible atrocities of our needless civil war, that of the mid-20th century was perhaps lucky enough to live in a wonderful fantasy, full of candy, toys, inspiration and television.  It's almost as if, at the turn of the century, everything was restarted, another chance was had, another dream begun.  The pre-industrial family found its religiosity at the source, in church, at home with the Bible, in conversation with brethren.  To them, happiness was secondary to intelligence, righteousness, piety, chastity, simplicity.  The post-modern family, alternatively, sought nothing but the corporeal.  Enjoyment became the paramount goal, and the inclusion of God in one's life became optional, a supplement ingested only when their dreamscape became lacking.  Since its inception the centralized mass media has been called godless, blasphemous, hedonistic and worse, however the true reason Americans gave up on God is not an abandonment of good or regression into primal evil.  The media is worshipped by the people because it is actually a form of testament, full of ecstatic truth and beauteous form.  It is not at all random, but expertly controlled, the offspring of a hidden group which seeks to influence, teach, direct and control.  The manner in which this is achieved is largely due to The Code, the century's secret, the simultaneously dastardly and benevolent endeavor until recently known only to our lordly governors.

The code's main tenet is the "Rule of 3", a simple concept.  The vast majority of all initials used in the centralized global media contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet: C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23) and Z (26).  This "3" group of letters is also combined with the "catalyzer" group, which includes A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11) and T (20).  The remaining letters are used much less often, and the ideas which they represent are consequently marginalized.  The code is a pliable force, meant to instill in the people uniformity, supply a measure of awe, subliminally teach supreme mathematics, affect their psychology, and imperceptibly alter their behaviors.  Like God, it is something both feared and loved.

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
Among the most recognizable brands in the world, "Cheerios" follows the "Rule of 3" simply by beginning with C (3).  As A.C.C. (1-3-3), this extension of that brand follows the same rule as the combination of catalyzer A (1) with "3" letter C (3).  Products such as these are not named simply because of their ingredients or the flow of their phonetics, but with extreme purpose based on their initials.

Cap'n Crunch
C.C. (3-3) is an eminent pairing in the mass media because the alliteration of C (3) strengthens the public conception of the ideas which it represents.  Additionally, the shortening of "captain" is meant to both trivialize letters and retard public intelligence.

Cocoa Krispies
Here, C (3) is strengthened by catalyzer K (11).  "Krispies" is based upon the actual English word "crisp", which is again misspelled here to numb the population to the existence of the code, and to teach them that intended stupidity is funny.

Cocoa Pebbles
C.P. (3-16) is another eminent initial pairing which follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters C (3) and P (16).

Cocoa Puffs
Again, C.P. (3-16) follows "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters C (3) and P (16).

Cookie Crisp
As an enigma, the code is your face, yet completely intangible.  That there are separate unrelated cereals called "Cocoa Krispies" and "Cookie Crisp" is meant to confuse the public as to the existence of a grander scheme.  Yet again, the C.C. (3-3) pairing which follows the "Rule of 3".

Count Chocula
Another bastardization of the English language, "Chocula" somehow became a part of our shared vernacular, the horrendous combination of the words "chocolate" and "dracula".  Again, C.C. (3-3) follows the "Rule of 3" as the alliteration of C (3).

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
C.T.C (3-20-3) is a slightly more layered use of the code, following the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter C (3) and catalyzer T (20).

Corn Flakes
C.F. (3-6) is another eminent pairing in the mass media which follow the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters C (3) and F (6).

Corn Pops
The same initials as "Cocoa Pebbles", this famous cereal also follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters C (3) and P (16).

Frosted Flakes
Alliteration may seem cute or aesthetically pleasing, however in almost all cases the letter being repeated is a "3" letter, therefore following the "Rule of 3", in this case the powerful F (6).

Frosted Mini Wheats
After decades in the public zeitgeist, brands like this one seem like single words, flowing off the tongue naturally.  F.M.W. (6-13-23) is the combination of "3" letters F (6), M (13) and W (23), all "3" letters.

French Toast Crunch
A brand related to "Cinnamon Toast Crunch", this seemingly innocently titled cereal also follows the "Rule of 3" as F.T.C. (6-20-3).  The "3" letters F (6) and C (3) are strengthened through combination with catalyzer T (20).

Fruity Pebbles
All of the "Pebbles" brand cereals fit the "Rule of 3" easily.  F.P. (6-16) is another eminent, common pairing which follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters F (6) and P (16).

Marshmallow Pebbles
M.P. is yet another cereal consisting only of "3" letters.  The M.P. (13-16) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters M (13) and P (16).

Product 19
Maybe you've never heard of it, but "Product 19" has been well-known and liked by many Americans for half a century.  Perhaps now you can sense the evil intent of the code, the brazen and insulting manner which it is inflicted upon the good, naive, unaffiliated and unsuspecting people of Earth.  Because the 19th letter is S, this name translates to P.S. (16-19), again following the code's main rule.  This pairing also suggests 6/9, which simplifies to 2/3, or .666, the so-called "number of the beast".

Special K
Any time you see a product consisting of individual numbers or letters, you can be sure that the code is being employed.  Product names such as this exist to lessen the importance the public bestows upon letters.  S.K. (19-11) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter S (19) and catalyzer K (11).

Shredded Wheat
S.W. (19-23) is another eminent pairing of "3" letters, following the code's main rule as the combination of S (19) and W (23).  That the Star Wars franchise uses the same initials is not coincidental.

Waffle Crisp
The common pairing W.C. (23-3) follows the code's main rule as the combination of the powerful "3" letters W (23) and C (3).  The code loves to employ the word "crisp" because it follow the "Rule of 3" in its entirety, C.R.I.S.P. (3-18-9-19-16), besides the R (18).  Moreover, the C.R. (3-18) pairing is common itself because the ratio created between its letters is 1-6, strengthening 6.

As with "Cheerios" it is no coincidence that this product name begins with a "3" letter, in this case W (23).  "Wheaties" is among the world's most recognizable brands, and for it to begin with anything but a "3" letter would be unthinkable for the perpetrators of the code, the Illuminati.

In all cases, the initials of products, or pieces of media, are meant to portray the ideologies of that item itself.  The reason that the "Rule of 3" is so prevalent in American media is that our governors want this side of existence to be given the most credit.  Cereals, for example, do not commonly begin with letters like E (5), G (7), L (12), O (15), Q (17), V (22) or Y (25) because cereal is not meant to contain these metaphorical ingredients.  Cereal is what fuels the beginning of our days, gives us energy, completes our stomachs, fuels our awakening minds.  The "3" group of letters represent these physical ideas.  The remaining letters are what is to come after, which is the surreal, ethereal, religious, unknowable.

Is Our Reality Just a Videogame?

Videogames have always been man's best effort to exhibit real life visually.  The first video games were called side-scrollers, overhead or side views which provided a two-dimensional reality.  While a rough sketch, it was affective.  This style remained a standard format for decades, and is still used today.  Games advertised as three-dimensional arose later, and provided users with lifelike environments, seemingly no different from our own.  Recently, however, immersive virtual reality contraptions have shown us that we were actually wrong, our expectations were too low, and life can be estimated visually in an even more accurate way.  To achieve this feat, we needed to move our attention from a flat screen to a curved lens.  In changing this perspective, we obtained the ability to experience visually another dimension, beyond what we thought already represented reality succinctly.  After such gains during the earliest period of computerized technology, the discovery of a further step seems inevitable.  Somehow, we will gain another dimension, and our ability to fake reality will jump a level.

Most avid videogame players know that if you play a game for a long time, you'll probably have some dreams that night which involve the game you had been playing earlier.  Decades ago, those dreams includes crude lines, pixels, dots and shapes, scored by beeps.  Later, they became colorful, bright, and vibrant, accompanied by synthesized, futuristic sounding music.  Most recently, they have been cartoonish approximations of reality, seamless, not a clue to tarnish verisimilitude.  Now and into the future, our videogame dreams will be truly three-dimensional, a totally enhanced scape compared to that which is affected by a flat screen.  As a matter of course, our shared reality is affected by the dreams each of us has.  The evolution of videogames into convincing virtual reality represents a fundamental alteration to how each of us perceives our world.  The development of an additional dimension to our dreams will add a imperceivable dimension to our waking lives.

As we move throughout our lives, filling our minds with learning, our eyes see in expanded dimensions.  Thoughts and emotions impart upon us a larger world view, altering the way which we interpret the size and scope of reality.  The world of the individual possessing an unstimulated, uncultivated mind is narrow and close, its dimensions flattened.  Like constructing a box, knowledge, truth and wisdom open our perception to a universe of an even grander scale.  In a fantasy, the dimensions of our perception encompass all of existence, so that we see the world exactly as it is, or how we think it is.  Reality is the enemy.  It reminds us that our universal perception is constrained to less than total.  The bigot, for example, will not accept reality, dimensions of perception outside of his own, because he lives in his own fantasy, in which his world perception is complete.  As the dimensions of our perception decrease in size, the amount of understanding required to propel oneself into a fantasy remains small.  Blissfully ignorant individuals avoid learning because it expands their world view, mitigating their fantasy and destroying their dream world.  The larger one's dimensions of perception, the less one is impressed by fantastical games.  Some try to avoid that route, electing to remain easily awed by the silliest displays.  Even something as simple as a videogame can satisfy a person's thirst for stimulation, sending their life from reality into fantasy.

When dimensional expansion occurs, it compares to the shape of Earth transforming from a perfect sphere to a elongated ellipsoid.  Understanding 
the predominance of the "Rule of 3" may guide you on a path of awareness, opening your mind's perspective to a larger world.  This code has been secretly utilized in the entertainment industries for decades.  Because no one's been aware of it, it has effectively lowered the population's dimensions of perception, thereby limiting the amount of knowledge they require to achieve a dream-life existence.  A simple letter-number cipher, it revolves around the preponderance of "3" letters, those which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.  This group is paired with Catalyzer group, with includes A (1), B (2), J, (10), K (11) and T (20).  A large portion of the century's favorite videogames were titled specifically to fit this form: 

Black And White - B.A.W. = 2-1-23
Castle Wolfenstein - C.W. = 2-23
Counter Strike - C.S. = 13-19
F-Zero - F.Z. = 6-26
Far Cry  - F.C. = 6-3
Final Fantasy - F.F. = 6-6
Infinite Space - I.S. = 9-19
Mario Party - M.P. = 13-16
Max Payne - M.P. = 13-16
Metroid Prime - M.P. = 13-16
Metroid Fusion - M.F. = 13-6
Mine Craft - M.C. = 13-3
Monkey Island - M.I. = 13-9
Mortal Kombat - M.K. = 13-11
Pac Man - P.M. = 16-13
Pajama Sam - P.S. = 16-19
Paper Mario - P.M. -16-13
Pokemon Snap - P.S. = 16-19
Pokemon Stadium - P.S. = 16-19
Pokemon Sun And Moon - P.S.A.M. = 16-19-1-13
Sim City - S.C. = 19-3
Soul Caliber - S.C. = 19-3
Space Invaders - S.I. = 19-9
Star Fox - S.F. = 19-6
Street Fighter - S.F. = 19-6
Super Mario Kart  - S.M.K. = 19-13-11
Super Mario Bros. - S.M.K. = 19-13-2
Super Mario World - S.M.W. = 19-13-23
Super Metroid - S.M. = 19-13
Super Smash Bros. - S.S.B. = 19-19-2
Super Smash Bros. Melee - S.S.B.M. = 19-19-2-13
Syphon Filter - S.F. = 19-6
Twisted Metal - T.W. = 20-23
Wii Sports - W.S. = 23-19
Wing Commander - W.C. = 23-3
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? - W.I.T.W.I.C.S. = 23-9-20-23-9-3-19
Words With Friends - W.W.F. = 23-23-6

This code, like universal knowledge, is endlessly scalable, developing from a simple mathematical principal.  The writers of this code see it as a beautiful representation of galactic existence, a metaphor for life and living.  All arithmetical interactions hint at a larger cosmic relationship, like the dichotomy between the symbolism of the various colors or shapes.  Every letter and its corresponding number has an innate, undefinable yet established personality, which the code wields handily like its weapon of choice.