Black Sabbath's Paranoid About The Government

Black Sabbath's Paranoid is among the 20th century's great Rock accomplishments, an 8-song non-stop heavy metal exhibition.  Unfortunately for the unsuspecting music fan, it was nonetheless subject to Media-Government censorship, who had to impose their ubiquitous Secret Number-Letter Code upon it.  As you will learn, the majority of the album's song titles very easily follow this code's main "Rule of 3".  As initials, "3" letters, those which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet, are greatly over-used compared to all others.

1. "War Pigs"
W.P. = 23-16
Rule of 3: W and P are both "3" letters because they contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.   Pairing them together strengthens their bond.

2. "Paranoid"
P = 16
It may only be a single word, but significantly begins with the important 16th letter P.  So, it still follows the "Rule of 3".

3. "Planet Caravan"
P.C. = 16-3
P and C are both "3" letters, following the code's main rule again.

4. "Iron Man"
I.M. = 9-13
I and M are both "3" letters, following the code's main rule again.  The band "Iron Maiden" is the same.

5. "Electric Funeral"
E.F. = 5-6
The code prefers to ascend between adjacent letters, in order to imply a correlational relationship between the two.  The hit song "Electric Feel" is the same.

6. "Hand of Doom"
H.D. = 8-4
The code treats "of" not as an O (15), but as a buffer between what lies on either side.  H (8), symbolizing Happiness, Hope, Healing, is "of" D (4), part of it, symbolizing Direction, Duty, Drive.  Every letter and its corresponding number symbolize ideas related to the most important, common words which begin with that letter.

7. "Rat Salad"
R.S. = 18-19
Like Radio Shack, Red SonjaRubber Soul, Rolling Stone and Real Steel, this title also ascends between adjacent letters.

8. "Fairies Wear Boots"
F.W.B. - 6-23-2
Rule of 3:  This sort of title is the Government-Media teasing you.  A silly sounding phrase which hides the subliminal message of real importance.  F and W are "3" letters which are strengthened by the primary letter B.

We should recognize that Black Sabbath also follows the "Rule of 3" as B.S. (2-19).  The important letter S is strengthened by the catalyzer B.  The album's cover also features  the image of some sort of future policeman reflected 3 times.

Paranoid is really the perfect title for this album, because its song titles are some of the clearest, most obvious uses of the code.  Maybe someone purchased the vinyl back in 1970, saw the album title, looked at the song names, and wondered what if there was some deeper significance to them.  But, to go any farther, and wonder if there some kind of organized subterfuge happening, would be excessive.  That would be at the level of paranoia, a classifiable medical malady.  In our current age, we chastise those who say that they see things which we don't see ourselves.  Their perception scares us because we can't fathom it.  These close-minded people run to the security of those who agree with their own views, so they can levy praise upon them and themselves.  Really, all new ideas come directly from paranoia, the internal suspicion that something novel has gone unnoticed.

The code is how the Western world has become ultra-liberal, by going to the source of human emotions and changing our mindsets subliminally.  If the code was used in the opposite way, strengthening the right-sided letters, people's conception of life would be completely opposite.  We would all jointly object to violent movies, to incessant cursing, to the constant barrage of sexual imagery, the objectification of women, the mockery of the steadfast.  But instead, our America exists to tease the right-sided people of the Middle East, in their ridged traditional religious conservatism.