Proof the Illuminati Order Is Watching Over Us

Call them whatever you want.  Many prefer the Illuminati.  Others say Freemasons, the Legion, the Government, or the Media.  However you want to phrase it, for the past century, the powers that be have been tactfully using numbers and letters to subliminally program the public.  This idea can also be called many things.  It's Dreamtime Code, The Secret, The Code, The Cipher, The Conspiracy of Letters & Numbers, and The Illuminati Alphabet.  Call it whatever you want, it is absolutely the most important tool which the upper-class have used to subjugate the people.

The code has several parameters, but a single basic principal, the "Rule of 3".  The initials of all different types of media are most commonly letters which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.  That means that C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23), and Z (26) are greatly overused as the initials of movies, shows, albums, songs, books and slogans.  This "3" group is also used with catalysts, letters which further strengthen it, A (1), B (2), J (10) and T (20).  The Mass Media Alphabet Code is employed endlessy throughout the entire entertainment industry, including books, magazinestelevision and slogans.  To see how this works, let's look at the most popular film franchises of all time, all of which follow the "Rule of 3". 

Toy Story moves to T.S. (20-19).  S (19) is a "3" letter strengthened by T (20).

The Fast And The Furious, T.F.A.T.F., moves to 20-6-1-20-6.  F (6) is strengthened by A (1) and T (20).

The Scary Movie franchise has released 5 movies in the past 15 years.  S.M. is a common combination of two strong "3" letters, 19-13.

Saw, the horror series, and Jaws, the shark-horror series should both be read letter by letter because they are titles of a short single word.  S.A.W. moves to 19-1-23, and J.A.W.S. moves to 10-1-23-19.  Both follow the "Rule of 3".

Men In Black moves to M.I.B. (13-9-2).  M and I are "3" letters, while the primary letter B acts as a catalyst.

Mission: Impossible is M.I. (13-9).  Both "3" letters, strengthening that group.  Monsters, Inc. is the same.

Jurassic Park and Jurassic World both follow the "Rule of 3".  The 10th letter J acts as a catalyst with the 16th letter P and 23rd W.

Spy Kids moves to S.K. (19-11).  K (11) is a catalyst used to strengthen the "3" letters S (19).

The Santa Clause series, disguised as pun, moves to T.S.C. (20-19-3).  Catazlyer T (20) is combined with "3" letters C (3) and S (19).

Free Willy is yet another obvious use of the code.  F.W. follows the  "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters F (6) and W (23).

Kung Fu Panda, another children's movie series, moves to K.F.P. (11-6-16).  The "3" letters F (6) and P (16) are combined with catalyst K (11).

Ice Age moves to I.A. (9-1).  I (9) is a "3" letter combined with the catalyst A (1).

American Pie and Austin Powers follow the "Rule of 3" as 1-16.  American Psycho and American Pickers are the same.

Back To The Future also follows the "Rule of 3".  B.T.T.F. moves to 2-20-20-6.  The B and T's both strengthen the eminent 6th letter F.  This film has an important role in the totality of the 20th century grand scheme.  The code was invented in order to save humanity from destroying itself.  Every time-traveling film you've ever seen is an allegory for this.

Paranormal Activity and Police Academy follow the code as 16-1.  Because we know that a piece's initials represent the tenor of the piece itself, it is interesting that the very different 1980s comedy series and 2000s horror series have the same initials.  The difference we must acknowledge is their time era.  Decades ago, P.A. was meant to be comedic.  Recently, the same two-letter initial combination is presented as terrifying.

The Mighty Ducks moves to T.M.D. (20-13-4).  Although T.M.C., 20-13-3, would follow the "Rule of 3" more simply, the 4th letter is nonetheless a primary letter which, like the 20th letter T, strengthens the M in the middle.  Despicable Me, D.M. (4-3) is the same idea.

Friday the 13th moves to F.T.M., 6-20-13, because the 13th letter is M.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, another horror series moves to T.C.M., 20-3-13.  It makes sense that horror films follow the "Rule of 3" because this group of letters symbolize left-sided ideas of masculinity, pleasure, pain, sex, and war.

Alliteration is a common tactic used to trivialize the simplicity of the code.  Most commonly, the letter being alliterated is in the "3" group.  Mad Max and Magic Mike are two easy examples.  Repeating the 13th letter implies its strength.  The Pink Panther moves to T.P.P., the simple combination of the catalyst 20th letter T and alliteration of the 16th letter P.  Pitch Perfect is the same, P.P. (16-16).

Superhero franchises: Iron Man moves to I.M., 9-13.  Spider Man, Super Man, Bat Man (as separated words) each follow the code's main parameter as S.M. (19-13) and B.M. (2-13).  Ant Man, soon to be a series, follows the code by combining the first letter with the 13th.  The Captain America (C.A., 3-1) films The First Avenger (T.F.A., 20-6-1), The Winter Solider (T.W.S., 20-23-19), Civil War (C.W., 3-23) all follow the "Rule of 3" easily.  X-Men (X.M., 24-13) also follows the code because X is a catalyst which symbolizes eternity and infinity.

Lastly let's consider the two epic space sagas. Star Wars moves to S.W., 19-23.  This title follows the "Rule of 3" because S and W both contain a multiple of three in their place in the alphabet.  Several of its installments are also easy examples, including The Force Awakens, (T.F.A., 20-6-1), The Phantom Menace, (T.P.M., 20-16-13) and The Clone Wars (T.C.W., 20-3-23).  As a short title of only eight letters, it also follows the code letter by letter.  S.T.A.R.W.A.R.S. moves to 19-20-1-18-23-1-18-19.  Besides the R's, it follows the "Rule of 3".  The 18th letter R basically symbolizes the idea of Royalty, so it's inclusion does make sense.  S basically stands for Sex, and W for War, while T and A act as catalysts.

Star Trek moves to S.T., 19-20.  S is the important 19th letter, while the 20th letter T strengthens it.  The stylistic differences between this franchise and Star Wars is embodied in each of its letters.  S.T.A.R.T.R.E.K. moves to 19-20-1-18-20-18-5-11.  Again, mostly consisting of A (1), R (18), S (19), T (20), but also E.K. (5-11) to end.  First Contact, a 1996 installment in the series, is an easy example because F.C. equals 6-3.  You can analyze Star Wars and Star Trek letter by letter, but the simplicity of the code's "Rule of 3" is evident when looking at their initials.

This makes sense, right?  Understanding this code can very quickly increase your intelligence.  When your consciousness is awakened to something it never before recognized, it regains a power lost.  For an introduction to this simple yet esoteric subject, start with the Site Map.  There, you will find an extensive catalog of evidence, from Exhibit A to Exhibit Z.  An endless plethora of examples proves that this readily apparent pattern has not resulted from chance whatsoever, but a concerted effort to subversively affect the world population.