What Really is David Icke's "Biggest Secret"?

The Biggest Secret is an influential book by "counter-culture" conspiracy theorist David Icke, in which he explains some of his outlandish ideas.  The problem is, just like every other talking head, Icke exists to maintain the status quo, not change it.  The fame he's achieved is the result of a decision made internally by the Illuminati.  Icke himself is actually an Illuminati member fulfilling a vital role.  To moderate Americans, his theories are ridiculous and absurd.  To those who follow him, he distracts attention away from the real biggest secret, the one that truly matters, which is being exposed on this site.  Alex Jones' role is the same.  Don't be fooled by charisma and guile of these men.  They are just tools, puzzle pieces holding up the structure.

The Legion control all media, and everything which they allow to be disseminated popularly must adhere to the Illuminati Alphabet Code, which utilizes initials and their order in the alphabet.  Icke's The Biggest Secret is no exception, though it purports to be an independent publishing.  T.B.S. (20-2-19) is very common in the mass media because it follows the code's main tenet, the "Rule of 3".  S, the 19th letter, is a "3" letter because it contains a multiple of 3 according to its place it the alphabet.  It is strengthened through combination with B (2) and T (20), both of which are part of the catalyst group, also including A (1), J (10) and K (11).  The vast majority of all media titles released widely follow this simple form.  This list is endless, but here are some especially famous examples:

The Big Short, film
Taking Back Sunday, Platinum-selling band
The Beautiful South, Platinum-selling band
The Bourne Supremacy, film
The Blind Side, film, also a joke at your expense, referencing the code
The Boondock Saints, film
The Big Sleep, many titles
The Bomb Squad, hip hop production team
The Big Sky, film
The Big Show, many titles, also references the Illuminati machine
The Big Surprise, many titles, also trivializes the end of the show, the reveal
The Bad Seed, many titles
The Black Stallion, film
Turner Broadcasting System, television channel
The Best So Far, many titles.  T.B.S.F. follows the "Rule of 3" as 20-2-19-6. Catalyzing letters T (20) and B (20) are combined with "3" letters S (19) and F (6).

So what is T.B.S. then?  To answer this question, realize what it is not.  It's not Q.C.D.  It's not R.N.F., not Y.O.W., not G.N.R or C.B.A.  It is what it is.  It is a B with a T to left and and a S to the right.  It is the 2nd letter with the 20th to the left and the 19th to the right.  It is a statement, an assertion of the world as it is.

If someone asked you to name a word beginning with the letter T, what would you say?  The symbolism of every letter is related to most important, common words beginning with that letter.  T (20) symbolizes ideas related to Time, Tough and Training.  Since it is the next iteration above J (10), which one can understand symbolizes perfection, the symbolism of T is the next step.  B (2) is a "primary" letter which symbolizes large ideas such as Be, Begin and Belief.  S (19) corresponds to ideas like Sex, Success, and Super.  So, put it all together.  Training-Being-Success.  It's advice.  Learn more.