The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour Contains a Hidden Code

The Secret Media Alphabet Code is built upon simple math, but its sophistication is expandable.  The most important rule is that "3" letters (the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 23rd & 26th) are over abundantly used as the initials of media titles.  They are used in combination with themselves, and letters which strengthen their effective dominance, such as A (1), B (2), J (10), K (11), and T (20).  There are side rules which can be extrapolated based on usage, however this "Rule of 3" is the most vital.  Let's look at how the song titles of The Beatles epochal Magical Mystery Tour follow the Mass Media Alphabet Code, starting with those which follow the "Rule of 3".

"Magical Mystery Tour". M.M.T. = 13-13-20
M is a "3" letter because it contains a multiple of according to its place in the alphabet.  The 20th letter T acts as a catalyst.

"Blue Jay Way". B.J.W. = 2-10-23
The important 23rd letter W is strengthened by the catalysts B and J.

"I Am The Walrus". I.A.T.W. = 9-1-20-23
I (letter 9) and W (23) are "3" letters, strengthened by A and T.

"Strawberry Fields Forever". S.F.F. = 19-6-6
S and F are "3" letters.  Using them in conjunction implies the strength of their bond.

May seem unremarkable, but recognize that there are no songs on this album which begin with a G, L, N, O, Q, R, V or any other non-"3" letter.  The only single-word title on this album begins with the immensely important 6th letter.

Magical Mystery Tour 
is interesting because half its songs fit the Alphabet Code's "Rule of 3" precisely, while the remaining half are included not because of their encoded initials, but because of their encoded syntax.  The conspiracy of the last century is multi-faceted.  Besides using the Alphabet Conspiracy to numb the world's sensibilities into submission, they have been programming the world by way of subversive rhetoric.  The Illuminati use language to support their goals regarding the opinions of the masses.  These songs were included for their rhetoric and do not easily follow the rules of the Alphabet Code, but that doesn't mean they don't.  The Media-Government has to cloud the people's vision so that a pattern isn't recognizable.  Songs like these are included on preeminent albums not because they follow the Alphabet Code but because they support the conspiracy of syntax, that which programs the behavior of the people through wording.

One of the most important Illuminati projects has been the support of feminism, and rightfully so.  Women had been steadfastly used and abused all the way up until the world-wide conspiracy began to work its methods full-steam at the end of the 19th century.  And, thankfully, the strong arm of publishing favored public opinion towards obtaining the right to vote in America by 1920.  But even decades later, during the most progressive time in history, much work was still to be done.  Thousands of years of boorish treatment couldn't be compensated for by just a century of propaganda, so no punches could be pulled.  A brutalist methodology was adopted, where everything had an underlying motive.  "Your Mother Should Know" exhibits well a common tactic.  Anytime a declarative statement is made in such a way as this, the opposite statement becomes effectively lessened.  This song title is thus an assertion of women's rights.  Mother knows, rather than father.  An elegantly subversive attempt to undo the world's history of sexism and persecution.  "Baby, You're A Rich Man" also works to strengthen women while marginalizing men.  The statement being made is that "a rich man is a baby".

Another of the Illuminati's century-long projects was replacing the concept of God with that of Love.  
"All You Need is Love" is a rejection of the necessity of God.  In the 19th century, a more commonly expressed sentiment would have been "All You Need Is God".  In the last century however, Love had to become the prevalent force in the world.  I am not saying this is a bad thing.  Humanity needed to be taught that the main idea of religion should be Love, not God.  The people's understanding of God was so convoluted with ideas of hatred that it was losing it efficacy.  People did what the Church told them, and loved God, however forgot the more important idea of loving each other.  The conspiracy works to undo that.  The unfortunate consequence, however, was that the people were robbed of their original God, and had it replaced by that sparkling glistening plastic culture dripping with love which we now know so well.  When the conspiracy is announced, the curse upon us will be lifted and we will be given back our true God, and our true selves.

The Illuminati live in the Ivory Tower which sits on top of the highest mountain.  They are those responsible for all worldwide suffering.  A song title such as "The Fool on the Hill" trivializes their existence, while at the same asserting that they are idiots who don't know to run the world.  In actuality, they know exactly what they are doing.  The last century was spent conditioning the behavior of the people, weeding out undesirables and supporting the development of those living and reproducing.  The man on the top of the hill is no fool, he's a wizard.  "Hello, Goodbye" is a beautiful poem of just two words, simply describing the ultimate struggle between clashing ideologies of the Universe, H (8) and G (7).

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