NHL Teams All Have a Secret

For the past century, a secret code has been used throughout all media, unnoticed by all but the Government, their members and minions.  The reason is that it is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, as the saying goes.  The truth is, once you see it, once you understand, it's elementary.  You need only be told of its existence to recognize its encompassing use in the contrived mass-media.  Now let's look at the teams of the National Hockey League and see the simplicity of the code in action.

The code uses simple arithmetic.  The "Rule of 3" is its simplest and most recognizable aspect.  Start with A, B, C = 1, 2, 3.  As the initials of titles, “3” letters, those whose order in the alphabet contains a multiple of 3, are greatly overly used.  They are also given strength through use with a catalyzing group.  That means the vast majority of popular media titles use the “3” letters C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23) and Z (26), with catalysts A (1), B (2), D (4), J (10), K (11) and T (20).  Let's see how this works:

Pittsburgh Penguins: P.P. = 16-16
Washington Capitals: W.C. = 23-3
Philadelphia Flyers: P.F. = 16-6
Montreal Canadiens: M.C. = 13-3
Buffalo Sabres: B.S. = 2-19
Florida Panthers: F.P. = 6-16
Winnipeg Jets: W.J. = 23-10
San Jose Shark: S.J.S = 19-10-19
Calgary Flames: C.F. = 3-6
Minnesota Wild: M.W. = 13-23
Dallas Stars: D.S. = 4-19
St. Louis Blues: S.B. = 19-2
Columbus Blue Jackets: C.B.J. = 3-2-10

That's 12 teams which follow the "Rule of 3".  If you don't recognize a pattern, we've got a problem.  "3" letters, those whose place in the alphabet contains a multiple of 3, are used with themselves as well as catalysts. 
Notice that not a single NHL team begins with E (5), G (7), L (12), N (14), Q (17), U (21), V (22) or Y (25), all of which are weaker letters as the code is presented.  The rest of the NHL’s teams use the code is different ways:

Anaheim Ducks: A.D = 1-4
Arizona Coyotes: A.C = 1-3
Boston Bruins: B.B. = 2-2
Colorado Avalanche: C.A. = 3-1
Chicago Blackhawks: C.B. = 3-2

These 5 teams contain only the first few letters as their initials.  Many sports team names have initials of just the first few letters, which makes sense because the very idea of sports projects the the ideologies of these letters.  In other words, the first four letters are symbolic of the same ideas as sports.  These team names also follow the "Rule of 3" because they are the combination of the primary catalyzing letters A (1), B, (2) and D (4) with the "3" letter C (3).  The remaining team names exist to the trivialize the code and complicate its usage:

Nashville Predators: N.P. = 14-16
14/16 ostensibly moves to 4/6, then 2/3, which is .666.  L.R. (12-18) is also common for the same reason.  The New Orleans Pelicans and New England Patriots also utilize the N.P. pairing.

Tampa Bay Lightning: T.B.L. = 20-2-12
B.L (2-12) is common because by ratio it simplifies to A.F. (1-6), which strengthens F (6).

Toronto Maple Leafs: T.M.L. = 20-13-12
20-13 follows the "Rule of 3", strengthening the 13th letter M through use with the catalyst T (20).  M.L. (13-12) imparts strength to M (13), contrary to 12-13, which imparts strength to L (12).  That's the reason MLS and MLB are called what they are.  M (13), basically representing Man, Machine, Muscle, is given dominance over L (12), basically representing Love, Light, Learn.

New York Rangers: N.Y.R. = 14-25-18
New York Islanders: N.Y.I. = 14-25-9
New Jersey Devils: N.J.D. = 14-10-4
These team names are difficult because N (14) is used in combination with Y (25).  None are strong "3" letters.  We should at least recognize that N.J.D. is in self-agreement because 14 (N) = 10 (J) + 4 (D).

Ottawa Senators: O.S. = 15-19
Vancouver Canucks: V.C. = 22-3
Edmonton Oilers: E.O. = 5-15
Lastly, consider the three other Canadian NHL teams.  The code is written so that movies, albums, slogans and concepts market an image.  Canada is a place very different from America, less war-mongering, more peaceful and, well, French.  The ideals which the Media-Government want projected from these localities are generally more conservative than their American counterparts.  So, it makes sense that each of these names contain one left-leaning "3" letter and another "right-sided" letter.  They are all 1 away from a team name that might occur in America: 16-19, 23-3, and 6-16.

Be sure to look at analyzation of NFL, MLB, NBA, and WNBA team names, as they are so widely used and universally recognized that their manner of fitting the rules of the Code is simple and apparent.  Besides sports, the code is used in literally every opportunity, including products, stores, videogames and movies.