The Beast 666: Aleister Crowley's Game

Aleister Crowley was an influential Englishman, an author, mystic and self-titled magician.  The goal of his life and writings was to inaugurate humanity into a new era, which he called the Age of Horus.  If he was successful at this task, this age may have begun around the turn of the last century.  A main commandment of this theoretical age is "Do what thou wilt", a mantra which does indeed seem to match the general attitude of the past hundred years.  People worldwide have been steadily gaining more freedom to do exactly what they desire, and living by what Crowley called "True Will".  As a result the true breadth of humanity's many personalities have been unleashed for the first time, the good and bad, selfish and selfless, wild and tame.  We never knew so many different people, before they were allowed to act just as they pleased.

It is perfect fate that this Age of Horus began at the exact time which the Mass Media Alphabet Code began proliferating across the globe.  Crowley said that "[Magic is] the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will".  According to this definition, the code is pure magic, both a scientific and artistic method of subtly directing minds.  Although, like a living thing, it can seem like a miracle itself, the code would not exist without the detailed, systematic and organized collusion of a large amount of individuals, mostly Freemasons, working within the entertainment industry.  The Code is based on concepts in which Crowley was an expert, Kabbalah and Gematria, the Jewish disciplines revolving around Numerology.  In the code, each letter is assigned a number based on its order in the alphabet.  In Hebrew, this is elementary.  Letters equal numbers as an aspect of the language.  Part of the reason the Bible is endlessly studied is that each Hebrew letter it contains also has a numerical significance.  Basically, the code exists in order to transmutate English into a Holy Language, as is Hebrew.  

Crowley's understanding of the Grand Media Alphabet Conspiracy is unimportant.  Like other Kabbalah mystics, Crowley lived in the aether, where such concepts are simply apparent.  This code's most important idea is the "Rule of 3", the vast overuse of initials which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.  A side rule is that, if possible, a letter can divide into the one which it precedes.  The pairing L.R. (12-18), for example, is extremely common in the Government-controlled mass media because 12 divided by 18 is .666 repeating, the "Number of the Beast".  Crowley signed his work as "The Beast 666", and if that was really him, then here he is:

Little Rascals
Logan’s Run
Lone Ranger
Late Registration (Kanye West album)
Love Ranch (2010 film)
Love, Rosie (2014 film)
Lost River (2014 film)
The Lord of the Rings (in all logos "of" and "the" are minimized)
The Longest Ride (2015 film)
Lab Rats (Disney Channel show)
Land Rover
Little Richard
"Low Rider" (hit song by the band War)
"Little Red Corvette" (from Prince's 1999)
Lucille Roberts (gyms)
Life's Rich Pagent (album by R.E.M.)
"Life's Rich Tapestry" (single by Modern English)
"Live Richly" (Citibank slogan, most expensive ad campaign of all time)
Last Rites (many titles)
Last Rights (many titles)
Last Resort (many titles)
Lonely Road (many titles)

The initial pairings B.C. (2/3), D.F. (4/6), H.L. (8/12) and N.U. (14/21) are used similarly because they also simplify to the fraction 2/3, .666 repeating.  D.P. (4/16) and N.P. (14/16) are also used because the divided units digits yields the same result.  By propagating a secret cipher around the world, hidden in plain sight, everyone who encounters it has an impulsive, unavoidable response.  A law of nature is that every action has equal and opposite reaction.  The initial action is the propagation of media doused in this letter-number code.  The reason that the equal and opposite reaction differs is that the object being acted upon, the brain of the individual, varies so greatly from person to person.  On one extreme, evil adults and children will multiply their malfunction because they are being subliminally programmed to worship malevolence.  Fortunately, there's the other side.  Kind souls will have the opposite response, grasping onto hope, success and unity.  As a result of this principal, the "Number of the Beast", 666, is everywhere.  So you have to look for it, recognize it, absorb it, reject it, and live your own life, free from influence.

If Crowley's Age of Horus roughly corresponds to the modern technological age, then perhaps humanity as a whole is ready to move on into the next stage, during which we finally harness enough control over Earth to end the turmoil forever.  Many believe that we have already passed into this new era, called the Age of Aquarius, or Age of Maat, by some.  It is also possible that Crowley may not have been successful in his quest, or maybe he was too efficient and we ended up an age ahead.  More likely, it is inaccurate to think about time as a series of century or millennia-long periods of history.

Now that you know how the code makes monsters out of men, you have an obligation to prove yourself to be man and not beast.  The more you understand, the more you will turn towards a success which will be all your own.  The Illuminati, who are responsible for this programming, want to see what you're made of.