Elite Using Occult to Succeed at Business

Many people correctly guess that most of the executives at the world's largest corporations are Freemasons.  The important fact missed is that many of these Masons are also members of the world's most exclusive club, the Illuminati, also called the Legion.  Every single influential company is owned, controlled and operated by Illuminati members.    Since these people are all in on the conspiracy, they are able to speak openly with one another about making business decisions which will further the Legion's ultimate goals.  Each member is aware that they are united in a cause.  The destination includes world peace, world government, and encompassing happiness.  It is the road which is treacherous and includes things like world war, genocide, poverty, starvation, fascism and oppression.  So, it goes.

This website exists to explain how the Government-Media uses letters and numbers to subliminally program the people to suit their needs.  The initials of all movies, shows, albums, songs, books and slogans follow the same simple code, wherein A, B and C equal 1, 2 and 3, and so on.  The main tenet of this code is the "Rule of 3", the vast overuse of words having the initials of letters which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in alphabet.  Like arithmetic, this code is based on a simple principal but is as complicated as one may want.

Tumblr is a blogging platform and one of the most visited websites in the world.  Their brand-name is so clever, so drenched in the parameters of the code that it demands closer observation.  When a title is only a single word, the code applies to every letter of that word: T.U.M.B.L.R. (20-21-13-2-12-18).  It's certainly unclear what tumbling has to do with blogging, and it doesn't really matter.  The important thing is that this six letter word evokes neurologically a feeling which makes one want to blog, or view blogs.  In the code, initials, or in this case, every letter of a title, represent the ideas of that piece of media, slogan or company itself.

So, what patterns can we see in this company name?  First recognize that they started with the word "tumbler", then took out the E. What does that accomplish?  By removing the E, and replacing it with nothing, it becomes disenfranchised, and therefore the ideas that it represent become trivialized.  The 5th letter is extremely important because it basically represents Energy.  The Legion want to keep that power for themselves, and by effectively removing it from public perception, are able to own it wholly.  Pop singer The Weeknd, dating site Grindr, and Absolut Vodka all do the same thing.

When you take out the E, you are left with B.L.R. to finish the word.  This three-letter group exhibits how the code uses ratios.  B.L. (2-12) is a common pairing because 2/12 simplifies 1/6, which strengthens F (6).  L.R. (12-18) is another common pairing because .666 repeating, the number of the beast, is created through ratio.  M.B. (13-2) fits "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter M (13) and primary letter B (2).  T.U. (20-21) fits the code because the code almost invariably prefers to ascend, rather than descend between adjacent letters.  So, in the media T.U. is more common than U.T.

The only missing piece is the U.M. (21-13) portion.  How do we know that U.M. follows the code?  13 is used in combination with a number which contains a 2 and 1.  This has the effect of strengthening the public conception of the 13th letter, M.  Additionally, we can state with confidence that this pairing works because of the prevalence of similar examples.  The Rolling Stones song "Under My Thumb" (U.M.T.) is a good example because it also contains M.T. (13-20), which follows the "Rule of 3".  There's  "Under My Wheels" (U.M.W.), a famous song by Alice Cooper, which contains the eminent M.W. (13-23) bond.  Underwater Moonlight is an influential 1980 album by The Soft Boys.  "Under My Skin" is countless album and song titles, and also contains the M.S. (13-19) pairing.  There's also innumerable pieces of media which being "Until My..."  Try searching for media which begins U.N. or U.L., you won't find them.  So, put it all together and Tumblr is a company name which follows the code exactly, letter by letter.  T.U., U.M., M.B., B.L., L.R. are all pairings which have been shown to follow the rules of the cipher.

The Secret Mass Media Alphabet Code is the one thing that has kept humanity from achieving real progress.  Once the people are sufficiently educated, the walls of the world's prison will be permanently obliterated.