James Bond Wanted for Treason

Sometimes it seems that the actions of national and world government bodies are against the people and their will.  They go to war without permission, enact laws without true democratic process, convict without entitled judicial process.  Their actions are so incorrect that they seem purposefully torturous, unbelievable to the point that they border the satirical.  Sadly, it seems likely that the perversity of this system is by design.  Perhaps, in order to exhibit to the people what reason and logic are not. 

The number of accusations currently being made against national and international governments is so large that it seems any person working for these organizations is a traitor to the people.  James Bond, G.I. Joe and Captain America all work for the same world government that allows the starving to die while simultaneously funding every military fully.  It's the same government that kills, arrest, searches and surveys unjustly.  None of this is the will of the people.

Governments do not represent the people because they are not staffed by the people.  Instead, the secret unified shadow government is unjustly allowing these atrocities to take place, despite having the power to stop them.  The world's official governments exist to distract attention from the Illuminati and make governments appear misguided and therefore unaccountable.  The Illuminati are the world's true governors and they know exactly what they are doing.  They have been operating covertly for centuries, but now their deception is being exposed.

In order to protect the truth from escaping, sometimes brandish it publicly as fiction is better than attempting to hide it. The James Bond franchise exists to flaunt the fact that their participants are truly spies.  Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig played fictionalized versions of themselves.  They are luminaries, eminent international genius spies, working for the secret world organization known as the Illuminati.  This organization has complete control over all of media.  Every film released widely was completely authored the Illuminati.  The film universe in which James Bond exists is a metaphor for the secret world of the Illuminati in which these actors live.  Their main directive is controlling the growth of earth through methods of population control.  Among these methods is a Secret Letter-Number Code, designed to subliminally subdue and control the masses.  

The titles of the many James Bond films have been a tremendous opportunity for the Illuminati to flex their muscles composing the Mass Media Alphabet Code.  The Code's most important aspect is the "Rule of 3", defined as the overly common use of letters as initials in the mass media which contain a multiple of 3 according to their place in the alphabet.  That means that most titles contain words beginning with C (3), F 
(6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23) and Z (26).  However, the code has additional parameters designed to protect the cipher from being discovered.  The James Bond film titles are doused with interesting and clever uses of The Code.

Casino Royale is a title which fits the code's parameters easily.  C.R. (3-18) is an extremely common initial pairing because the ratio created between the 3rd and 18th letters is 1/6.  This further strengthens the 6th letter F.  Other prominent examples which use this form include Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, "Club Rocker" (song), Cool Runnings (film), Chicken Run (film).

Diamonds Are Forever provokes an interesting analysis.  D.F. (4-6) is common in the mass media for two reasons.  First, it follows the code's "Rule of 3".  The "3" letter F (6) is strengthened by catalysts A (1) and D (4).  Second, the ratio created between 4 and 6 is .666 repeating.  The insertion of A is not insignificant, however.  The title doesn't exactly move to 666.  More accurately, it is A with 666 surrounding it.  D.A.F. can also be seen as equatable to F.D.  This is a common structure, the same as the Bob Seger song and Chevorlet slogan "Like A Rock".  L.R. (12-18) moves to .666, centered upon A (1).

The World Is Not Enough can be deciphered with some logic.  It moves to T.W.I.N.E (20-23-9-14-5).  At first glance, this may appear random. However, using our knowledge of the code, we can see that we have two "strong" letters, T (20) and W (23), to the left of I (9), and two "weak" letters, N (14) and E (5), to its right.  This works beautifully.  The T and W, sinister and powerful, are left-leaning, while the benevolent, feminine letters, N and E, are aligned with right-sided mindedness.  The left letters are on the left, the right numbers are on the right, and in the center is I (9) which represents the universe or the self.  It is a poetic description of human existence, the world as we know it.

Spectre is by far the simplest title in the entire series.  Just a single word, meaning ghost.  Looking at the movie poster, it's obvious that the intended effect is S.P.E.C.T.R.E.  We should recognize well-worn patterns of the code:  S.P. (19-16) and C.T. (3-20) follow the "Rule of 3". T.R. (20-18) is very common because it strengthens S (19).  The inclusion of two E's complicates the cipher of this 7-letter word.  It's helpful to look for symmetry.  Consider this title C (3) in the center, with S.P.E. and T.R.E. on its sides.  These three-letter groups are the combination of a well-established pairing, and then the important E (5).

It is perfectly appropriate that a series of spy films are enigmatically titled with extreme guile and subversiveness.  For example, a huge portion are portmanteau, two words combined together: Goldfinger, Thunderball, Moonraker, Octopussy, GoldenEye, and Skyfall.  This should definitely set off a signal that there is something bigger is going on here.  Additionally, the inclusion of pronouns like "you" (You Only Live Twice), "your" (For Your Eyes Only), "me" (The Spy Who Loved Me), and "her" (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) also serves to hinder any chance of a member of the masses solving the alphabet cipher, by combining the use of the code with obtuse syntax.  

Finally, consider Bond's "codename", 007.  The number 7 corresponds to the letter G, the symbolism of which is highly regarded by the global fraternity the Freemasons.  His codename could have been anything, any number, letter or word.  It was not chosen at random, but to further utilize the numerological code to which all Hollywood writers are privy.    This code is used throughout the entirety of ever entertainment industry, including books, magazines, televisionslogansvideogamesstores and products.