Jim Carrey: Illuminati Clown Wizard

World famous comedian Jim Carrey started his career as a clown, then went on to sardonically expose himself as an Illuminati member on television.  The only entertainer allowed to actually use that term on mass media was once known as the dumbest man in the world.  Truly, he is among the world's most powerful, member of the ruling class responsible for the Mass Media Alphabet Code.  

The Code can be summarized quickly, but studied endlessly. The initials of titles translate to numbers according to each letter's place in the alphabet.  Star Wars equals 19-23 because S and W are the 19th and 23th letters.  According to the code, the strong group are "3" letters: C (3), F (6), I (9), M (13), P (16), S (19), W (23) and Z (26).  We know they're strong because they're often used with themselves, strengthening their bond.  They're also combined with strengthening letters A (1), B (2), D (4), J (10), K (11) T (20).  The weak letters are those remaining, which are less common and rarely used with catalyzing letters.

Titles are meant to represent the symbolism of their initials.  It's as if the producers start with just the title, then imagine what a film with this name would look like.  The filmography of comedian actor Jim Carrey is generally silly, unsubstantial, liberal with stupidity, and a bit rude, so it makes sense that many of his film's titles follow the code simply, most often using the "Rule of 3"the overly common use of "3" letters with strengthening letters.  That side of existence is responsible for television and film that is light and frivolous.

The Mask (1994)
T.M. (20-13) is a simple example of the "Rule of 3".  The "3" letter M (13) is strengthened by catalyst T (20).  Additionally M.A.S.K. (13-1-19-11) also follows the code's main rule.  Catalysts A (1) and K (11) are used in combination with "3" letters M (13) and S (19).

Batman Forever (1995)
Carrey starred as the Riddler in this superhero film.  B.F. (2-6) is a key compound in the code which also follows the "Rule of 3".  The "3" letter F (6) is strengthened by catalyst B (2).

Liar Liar (1997)
Every letter of short titles should be examined.  L.I.A.R. (12-9-1-18) may seem random, but some significance is apparent.  L.R. (12-18) is very common because 12/18 equals 2/3 or .666, the "Number of the Beast".  The I.A. portion follows the "Rule of 3" as 9-1.  Consider this title the I.A. pairing with the .666 ratio surrounding it.

The Truman Show (1998)
T.S.S. (20-20-19) is another example which follows the "Rule of 3" simply.  The "3" letter S (19) is strengthened by catalyst T (20).

Simon Burch (1999)
S.B. (19-2) is another common pairing following the "Rule of 3".  The "3" letter S (19) is strengthened by catalyst B (2).

Me, Myself And Irene (2000)
M.M.A.I. (13-13-1-9) follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of catalyst A (1) with "3" letters M (13) and I (9).

The Majestic (2001)
T.M. (20-13) is the same as The Mask, following the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter M (13) and catalyst T (20).

Bruce Almighty (2003)
Titles using only early letters trivialize the existence of the code.  B.A. (2-1) is an appropriate title for a man who obtains the power of God.

Fun With Dick And Jane (2005)
Titles which sound silly or subtly dirty are designed to marginalize the code.  F.W.D.A.J. (6-23-4-1-10) follows the "Rule of 3".  F (6) and W (23) are "3" letters while A (1), D (4) and J (10) are catalysts.

The Number 23 (2007)
23 is all over television and film dialogue, literally.  If a random number is needed for a script line, almost invariably this number is chosen.  Because the population fails to recognize the preponderance of this occurrence, the code sinks further away from their consciousness.  An important point in the history of the current era's con, this film was purposefully made terrible so that numerological symbolism wouldn't be taken seriously.  The "23 enigma" idea is so prevalent that it has a wikipedia article, however none has recognized its grander significance.  Every number has its own enigma, all of them.  The answer to the mystery of the number 23 is the letter W.  Numbers and their corresponding letters symbolize the most common words beginning with that letter.  In this case, those ideas include "War", "World", "Winning", and "Want".

I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
The statement being made here is "I love you P.M. [16-13]".  Through subliminal suggestion, the masses are programmed to love or like certain ideas and hate or dislike others.  The pairing P.M. symbolizes something which the Government-Media want the masses to love, so it makes sense that it follows the "Rule of 3".  The Beatles song "P.S. I Love You" uses the same exact tactic.

A Christmas Carol (2009)
Yes, it's based on the novel by Charles Dickens, but A.C.C. still fits the code as 1-3-3.  The "3" letter C (3) is combined with catalyst A (1).

Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011)
Another obvious use of the "Rule of 3".  M.P.P. (13-16-16) is all "3" letters.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013)
T.I.B.W. (20-9-2-23) also follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letters I (9) and W (23) with catalysts T (20) and B (2).

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
This film projects the symbolism of K.A. (11-1), but more accurately K.I.C.K.A.S.S. (11-9-3-11-1-19-19), which follows the "Rule of 3" entirely.  The "3" letters C (3), I (9) and S (19) are combined with catalysts A (1) and K (11).

True Crimes (2016)
T.C. (20-3) also follows the "Rule of 3" as the combination of "3" letter C (3) and catalyst T (20).

This same code is used across the entire mass media, in all avenues which are under the secret control and censorship of the elite.  Everything you encounter a daily basis follows The Mass Media Alphabet Code, including books, magazines, televisionslogans, videogames, stores and products.  The Code exists to separate the world into two classes, those who know and those who do not.  It is designed to hamper public knowledge.  Learning how this code is constructed can elevate your mind's awareness immensely.